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WWE Signs “Real Deal” Marcus Anthony, WWE Re-Airing Nineties Show, More

— The official Twitter feed of Ohio Valley Wrestling announced Thursday that WWE has signed “Real Deal” Marcus Anthony to a developmental contract. He is a heavily muscled wrestler with a mohawk who often squashes his opposition in matches.

— WWE Classics On Demand will be re-airing the mid-nineties USA Network show WWF Mania beginning on February 8. The synopsis reads: “Join host Todd Pettengill for a zany look at the top stories in WWE. Featuring Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels vs Jim Brunzell, Mr. Perfect vs The Berzerker and more. From 1/9/93.”

Meanwhile, the next Legends of Wrestling episode will premiere on March 8. The panel, which includes Diamond Dallas Page, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Jim Ross, will discuss celebrities in wrestling.

— Maxine stated Wednesday on Twitter that she and Derrick Bateman have agreed to have their lives together outside of the WWE ring filmed. “Soo keep your eyes posted,” she added.

  • venom


    Maybe WWE will end up releasing big Zeke, because he hasn’t done anything since he lost the IC title to Cody.

  • Mabry

    I just checked pics of that guy, and as Item said, he really looks like Ezekiel Jackson…. Whay would wwe wanna have two guys that look so alike??, maybe they want to turn them into a tag team and pretend they are brothers??? or something…. i hope this guy at least wrestles a bit more, but seeing that he squashes ppl, i really doubt it.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    So their bringing back Sunday Night Heat & Metal??? Lol


    I thought OVW was owned by TNA now????

  • Logan

    Watchin’ WrestleMania XIV *sigh* I miss those days.

  • Ricardo

    Here is the portrait of the new age IWC – judging people they know nothing about.

  • Austin

    I already hate this guy. Release him,IMMEDIATELY!

  • item

    from the pics i found the guy looks like a combo of big zeke and the big o and they allready have big zeke on the rostar so why not just sign big o

  • Devil_Rising

    LOL Heavily muscled guy who squashed people (IE has very short matches). Gee….have we seen that before, or is this a new direction for WWE?

  • Effmenow

    “He is a heavily muscled wrestler with a mohawk who often squashes his opposition in matches.”

    He’ll fit right in the WWE.

    Man I really hope they air those awesome 90 shows on the new network!