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WWE Signs Another Women’s Wrestler Trained by a Former Superstar

– Diva Dirt reports that WWE has signed 27 year old Canadian women’s wrestler Kira Forster to a developmental deal. She has wrestled in Canada under the name Taya Valkyrie and is expected to report to FCW to begin training in the next few months.

Taya, who has also done fitness work and some modeling, has trained under former WWE Superstar Lance Storm and appeared on his World of Hurt reality show in Canada. She is the third women’s wrestler from the Storm Wrestling Academy to be signed this year. It’s believed she was the women’s wrestler that Lance recommended WWE agents take a look at, at the recent WWE tapings in Canada.

WWE also signed Storm students Irena Janjic, who is wrestling in FCW as Leah West and Tenille Taylor, who is expected to report to FCW in a few months after recovering from shoulder surgery.

  • poko, she has been highly recommended by Lance Storm…

  • poko

    I did read the article. Then I looked to see what her body of work was and couldn’t find any beyond the fitness industry. But I’m willing to admit I was wrong since you know what kind of experience she has–so, please, inform us.

    The Bella Twins have been trained, too. Kelly Kelly has been trained. What does that mean, really? How does my point escape you? There are dozens of proven female wrestlers WHO HAVE ALSO BEEN trained, but more than that, have tons of experience and are recognized as being near the top of their professions in terms of skill.

    Seriously, every single Diva who steps foot in the ring has received training in wrestling. It doesn’t mean they’re good at it.

  • Dave

    If I can be serious for a minute.
    If Lance Storm rates her then she is definitely worth a tryout.

  • nobody

    Well poko, you obviously didn’t read that article. Yeah she did SOME modeling, but she was trained and (presumably) recommended by Lance Storm. She obviously is good if Storm is recommending her. He wasn’t entertaining, but he was a good wrestler. So thanks for picking out that one part of the article that was (could be taken as) negative and ignoring the rest.

  • poko

    The WWE keeps signing models and fitness competitors while the best female wrestling talent is still out there putting on great shows in the indie leagues. It’s pretty obvious that they just aren’t interested in quality matches.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    This has to be more HHH projects. Vince would never sign someone who is trained for actual wrestling.