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WWE SmackDown Report – 4/11/14

Tonight’s show starts off with the graphic In Memory of Warrior with a voice over by Michael Cole saying that WWE is deeply saddened by the passing of the Ultimate Warrior. Monday’s Raw will be dedicated to the Ultimate Warrior. The WWE will pay tribute and honor his memory.

We are in Lafayette, Louisiana and your announcers are Michael ‘Dingo’ Cole and John ‘There was only one Warrior’ Layfield.

John Cena makes his way to the ring. He says that everyone sounds like they are a little exhausted after the last week. It has been a busy week, starting with Wrestlemania XXX. It started with the most iconic moment when Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and the Rock were standing together in the ring. Then we saw Kofi Kingston defy gravity again. Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Bray Wyatt did his best to try to turn a man into a monster, but he found out that he still can’t see me.

Sadly we saw the Undertaker defeated and the end of the historic streak. On the flip side, the Game got played and we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champ.

John says that was just Wrestlemania. If you saw Raw, that is where it really went down. We turned silver into super and we all believed in the Shield. We got a bit of bad news. We found out that Brock Lesnar was the one. We also found out that Cesaro is a Paul Heyman guy. John wants to thank the WWE Universe for rewriting his theme music.

He says that some of them might be here tonight. They say the future is now and he agrees. He was told to BOlieve in himself. If you ask Adam Rose, you don’t have a party until you have a little person. Don’t tell that to Alexander Rusev because he does not look like a little person. Then the Divas division has finally turned the Paige. The future is now and it is an exciting time to be in the WWE.

John promises that he is not the One, he is not The Viper. He is not the Animal. He is not the King of Swing. He is not the Boss. He is the measuring stick. He is the standard bearer. He is John Cena. Any WWE Superstar can talk all they want. Past, present, and future, they know that if they want their feet planted on the top of the WWE Mountain, they know to go through him if they want to do it.

Luke Harper appears and he says that time heals all wounds, but John has only given them more time to hurt him. He tells John to embrace his future because it is HIS gift to John.

Bray says that sometimes he wishes that he could feel pain, but he is different. We should all embrace our differences. If he lost to John at Wrestlemania, why can’t he stop smiling? Why does he feel so good? He saw it in John’s eyes. For the first time, he realized that John is not hollow inside. It is in there. He knows it all too well. When he looks inside, he sees the good and bad. He sees dreams he hasn’t dreamt. He sees worlds you haven’t discovered. He sees miracles. His mind is endless and he is free.

It must have been so frightening for John because he was this close. He was right there. He just needed one last push. Now he has to go to new Extremes if he wants to bring out the monster he knows exists in John. This party is far from over.

Bray starts singing.

We go to commercial.

Before our first match, Paul Heyman comes out and introduces himself and he says that he is the advocate for the first Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, the King of Swing, Cesaro. Paul says that it is no longer a theory or claim that he is the greatest manager in WWE or sports entertainment history. He engineered Brock Lesnar conquering the Undertaker’s undefeated streak. When you are Brock Lesnar’s advocate you choose clients carefully. He needs to be a sure thing. The Next Big Thing . . . the King of Swing, Cesaro.

Match Number One: Big Show versus Cesaro (with Paul Heyman)

Cesaro offers his hand and Show shakes it. They lock up and Paul joins the announce team. Cesaro pushes Show away. They lock up again and Show pushes Cesaro into the corner. Show with a shoulder tackle but Cesaro with a kick. Show with another shoulder tackle and Cesaro goes to the floor. Show palms Cesaro’s head and brings him back to the apron and he chops Cesaro on the apron.

Cesaro with a boot to Show on the apron and then Cesaro tries to suplex Show back into the ring but he cannot get Show up. Show picks up Cesaro and Cesaro tries for a sunset flip power bomb to the floor and Show sits down on Cesaro’s chest. Show sends Cesaro back into the ring and he gets a near fall.

Show sets for the knock out punch but Cesaro goes to the floor and Paul tells Show that you cannot fight if you cannot breathe so he tells Cesaro to take Show’s air. Cesaro goes back into the ring and Cesaro with a waist lock and Show with an elbow and head butt. Show with punches to Cesaro in the corner.

Show with a chop to Cesaro and then he goes to another corner for the Shhh chop but Cesaro stops Show and he connects with European uppercuts. Show with a back body drop and Cesaro’s leg hits the rope and he holds his ankle. Show with a chop to Cesaro in the corner. Show with another chop in the corner. Cesaro with an elbow and punches. Show with a punch to the midsection.

Show with a head butt and then he walks across Cesaro’s midsection. Show with shoulders in the corner followed by a chop across the chest.

We are back and Show charges into a boot and Cesaro with a sleeper. Show tries to power out of the hold but Cesaro maintains the sleeper. Show backs Cesaro into the turnbuckles but he misses a splash and Cesaro returns to the sleeper.

Show starts to lose consciousness as Cesaro turns it into a reverse chin lock. Show with an arm drag and clotheslines to Cesaro followed by an Irish whip and running butt splash. Show with a running shoulder tackle and he gets Cesaro up for a choke slam but Cesaro counters and applies a sleeper.

Show falls back to get out of the hold. Show goes to the turnbuckles and he misses an elbow drop when Cesaro moves out of the way. Cesaro grabs the leg and he starts to get Show set for the Giant Swing but Jack Swagger attacks Show.

Winner: Cesaro (by disqualification)

After the match, Swagger puts Cesaro in the ankle lock but Show grabs Swagger and sends him over the top rope to the floor.

Cesaro leaps over Show’s back and drops him on the top rope. Cesaro with a European uppercut to the back of the neck followed by a European uppercut from the turnbuckles. Cesaro sets up Show for the Gotch Style Neutralizer and he hits it.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Bo Dallas BOLieve video package.

Match Number Two: Fernando and Diego (with El Torito) versus Curtis Axel and Ryback

Ryback and Fernando start things off and they lock up. Ryback misses a shot in the corner and Fernando with chops to Ryback. Ryback with a kick and he misses a boot. Fernando with a drop kick and he backs Ryback into the corner and he chops him. Ryback with an Irish whip but he runs into boots and then Fernando with a cross body but Ryback catches him and hits a power slam for a near fall.

Axel tags in and he connects with a forearm and he kicks Fernando. Axel misses a clothesline but he hits one to the back of the neck. Axel with a running knee to the head. Axel sends Fernando into the turnbuckles and he chops Fernando. Ryback tags in and Axel with an elbow and Ryback with a clothesline for a near fall. Ryback with a reverse chin lock.

Fernando gets to his feet but Ryback takes him back to the mat. Ryback with a knee and he tries for a suplex but Fernando lands on his feet and then Fernando hits a drop kick and both men are down. Axel tags in and he tries to knock Diego off the apron but Diego moves and then Fernando goes through Axel’s legs to make the tag.

Diego with chops to Axel followed by a few flying back elbows. Diego is sent to the apron and he does a headstand into a kick to Axel. Diego with a chop but Axel with an Irish whip. Axel runs into an elbow and Diego with a double chop. Diego with a Downward Spiral for a near fall that is broken up by Ryback.

Ryback is sent to the floor and Torito is caught by Ryback on a cross body attempt. Ryback is about to send Torito into the ring post but Diego with a drop kick to Ryback’s back and then Fernando with a flying elbow off the apron>

Axel with a neck breaker driver for the three count.

Winner: Curtis Axel and Ryback

Rob Van Dam is walking in the back and Renee Young stops him to ask him a few questions. She welcomes him back to WWE. She asks how it feels to be home. Rob says everyone is hyped from Wrestlemania. It is like the face of the company has changed. Now it has a beard. There is a face that has been missing and everyone is excited, but everything is cool when you are RVD. He says he has to get to the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Rob Van Dam versus Damien Sandow

They lock up and Van Dam with a waist lock but Sandow with an elbow. Van Dam with a side head lock and rollup for a near fall. Van Dam with a super kick and then he does the thumbs deal but Sandow with a rollup for a near fall. Van Dam with an Irish whip and a spinning heel kick into the corner. Van Dam with Rolling Thunder and Sandow goes to the floor.

Van Dam with a drop kick that knocks Sandow off the apron. Van Dam tries for a moonsault off the apron but Sandow moves and Van Dam hits the floor. Sandow sends Van Dam into the apron and ringside barrier before returning to the ring and Sandow gets a near fall.

Sandow with boots to Van Dam and he gets a near fall. Sandow with a reverse chin lock. Van Dam with elbows and Sandow sends Van Dam to the mat followed by a knee drop. Sandow with the Elbow of Disdain for a near fall. Sandow with head butts to the back of the head. Sandow puts Van Dam over the apron and he connects with an elbow. Sandow with a forearm for a near fall.

Sandow with a reverse chin lock. Van Dam gets back to his feet and Van Dam with elbows. Sandow with a head butt. Van Dam with a kick to the head followed by a body scissors rollup for a near fall. Van Dam with a step over heel kick and then he does the thumbs before going up top. Sandow with a punch and head butts. Sandow climbs the turnbuckles for a superplex but Van Dam stops Sandow and sends him to the mat with a forearm. Van Dam hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

We go to commercial.

We are back with an Exotic Express video.

Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring.

Hogan tells us something . . . Brother. As the host of Wrestlemania, he was there first hand at the . . . Superdome brother when he witnessed one of the greatest Wrestlemania moments. When Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Title, he turned Wrestlemania into Yestlemania. As he held both those titles over his head, he had chills running through is body.

Hogan introduces Daniel Bryan and brings him to the ring.

Hogan shakes Bryan’s hand and then Daniel takes the mic. Daniel wants to tell the Hulkster something. This has been the greatest week of his life. He is back on Smackdown after five weeks, he is getting married, and he headlined Wrestlemania and became the WWE World Champion.

Daniel says now he is in the ring with the Immortal Hulk Hogan. He says that everyone can understand because he is just like everyone else. He is an average guy from a small town who sat in the crowd and watched it on television. The biggest star in the world was Hogan.

Bryan tells Hogan not to deflect the fan’s chants for him. They are doing it for him because they want to. They listened to Hogan. When he heard Hogan talk about saying your prayers, Bryan says that he said his prayers to some day headline Wrestlemania. When Hogan said to eat your vitamins, Bryan ate his vitamins every day to get those 24 inch pythons like Hogan. Daniel says he didn’t quite get there but he is working on it.

Bryan says that he has been a Hulkamaniac as long as he can remember. Daniel says that this is just an incredible moment, but there is one thing that would make this awesome week better. He asks them to play Hogan’s music.

Real American plays and Bryan wants Hogan to do the hand to the ear and poses. Hogan wants Bryan to join him and he joins in the celebration.

We go to commercial with Wade Barrett walking in the back.

Match Number Four: Kofi Kingston versus Wade Barrett

Barrett tells Kofi to wait a moment and he takes the mic. Barrett wants some decorum and he connects with a forearm to Kofi. He announces that he has some bad news. Barrett with a punch and then he sends him into the turnbuckles. Barrett with an Irish whip but Kofi with a drop kick out of the corner.

Kofi with kicks but Barrett with an Irish whip and Kofi with a double jump cross body for a near fall. Barrett sends Kofi over the top rope but Kofi skins the cat. Barrett sets for a Bullhammer but Kofi moves. Kofi with a leaping clothesline and the Boom Drop. Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Barrett goes to the floor.

Barrett comes back into the ring and Kofi blocks a kick. Kofi with a back heel kick and he sets for Trouble in Paradise but Kofi turns into a Bullhammer for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Fandango (with Layla El) versus Santino Marella (with Emma)

They lock up and Santino with arm drags into a side head lock. Fandango with punches but Santino does some power walking until Fandango chops him. Santino misses chops and Fandango with a forearm and elbow for a near fall. Fandango pie faces Santino but Santino with jabs followed by a split and hip toss. Santino gets the Cobra out of his gear but Layla steals it from Santino and Fandango gets a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Fandango

Michael and John talk about Paige’s debut on Raw and her victory over AJ Lee to win the Divas Title in her first match on Raw.

We go to a video feature on Paige. She mentions she is from Norwich, England. They say a Diva is supposed to be tan, have light hair, and a lot of color. This is her world and her home.

We see her victory over AJ and the footage of her celebration with the other Divas in the back.

We go to commercial with another Exotic Express video.

We are back and we take a look at what happened during the Daniel Bryan versus Triple H match on Raw when the Shield came to ring and they squared off with Kane, Orton, and Batista. Roman Reigns speared Triple H and then Bryan hit the flying knee as the Shield and Bryan stood tall in the ring.

On Main Event, the Shield talked about Triple H.

Kane tells Orton and Batista to put their problems aside and stop being selfish. They have two things in common. Daniel Bryan and the Shield. Orton says that there are three things in common. They also have to deal with the Usos. Kane wants to deal with Daniel Bryan. Batista wants to rip his head off. Orton points out that he has the next title match.

Kane says that they all need each other and they all answer to a higher Authority.

Kane leaves the office and Batista asks Orton if he answers to anybody. Orton says he never has and never will.

Match Number Six: Kane, Randy Orton, and Batista versus Daniel Bryan, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso

Jey and Batista start things off and they lock up. Batista backs Jey into the corner and he misses a punch. Jey with punches to Batista and the referee pulls him out of the corner. Jey with a thrust kick and wrist lock. Jimmy tags in and he chops Batista. Jimmy with a kick to Batista but Batista with a spinebuster and he gets a near fall.

Orton tags in and he punches and kicks Jimmy as he works on the taped ribs. Orton takes time to pose and point at Daniel Bryan. Orton rips the bandage around the ribs and then he punches Jimmy.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot from Jimmy. He goes to the turnbuckles but Kane with an uppercut and he gets a near fall. Batista tags in and he kicks Jimmy in the injured ribs. Batista with shoulders to the back while Orton holds Jimmy in the corner and he sends Jimmy into the turnbuckles while Jey distracts the referee.

Batista with a forearm to Jimmy and Orton tags in. Orton slingshots Jimmy’s throat into the bottom rope and Orton gets a near fall. Orton mocks Jimmy by holding his arm out. Jimmy with punches but Orton with a knee. Orton drops Jimmy’s midsection across the top rope and he gets a near fall. Orton with a waist lock and he puts his body weight on Jimmy.

Jimmy with elbows and a chop but Orton with a drop kick. Kane tags in and he Irish whips Jimmy and hits a clothesline followed by a side slam and he gets a near fall. Kane with a waist lock to work on the injured ribs. Jimmy with elbows to get out of the waist lock but Kane pulls him back to the mat. Orton tags in and he gets a near fall. Orton with a reaverse chin lock and body scissors. Jimmy with punches and chops but Orton pushes Jimmy into the ropes and hits a power slam. Orton knocks Jey off the apron and he stares down Bryan. Jimmy with a Samoan drop and both men are down.

Kane tags in and he grabs Jimmy’s leg but Jimmy with a dragon whip and he tags in Bryan. Bryan goes up top and hits a missile drop kick to Kane. Bryan kips up and drop kicks Batista off the apron. Bryan with a drop toe hold to Kane and then Bryan with a kick and punches to Kane. Kane with an Irish whip but Bryan flips over Kane and then he hits a flying clothesline.

Bryan with kicks to the chest and he sets for the round kick but Kane ducks and he forces Kane over the top rope to the floor. Bryan looks around and he hits a suicide dive onto Kane. Orton and Batista attack Bryan but the Usos with stereo planchas and all six men are down.

Kane with a knee to Jey while Batista goes after Jimmy. Kane with an uppercut and the referee makes the ten count.

Double Count Out

Kane sends Bryan into the ringside barrier while Batista and Orton send the Usos back into the ring. Orton hits an RKO on Jey while Jimmy is set up for a Batista Bomb. Kane rearranges the announce table for Daniel Bryan. Kane grabs Bryan by the throat but Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose attack Kane. Roman Reigns joins in and they triple team Kane.

Batista and Orton wait in the ring for the Shield and The Shield get on the apron. Orton and Batista leave the ring and go up the ramp.

Kane tries to attack the Shield but Bryan hits Kane with a flying knee to stop Kane’s attack with the steel chair. Bryan stands back while he watches Kane fall victim to the Cerberus Bomb.

We go to credits.

Source: PWInsider