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– Charlie Haas reportedly asked WWE for his release within the last few months. Apparently officials were going to grant him the release at first but changed their minds and gave him a raise instead.

There was a rumor going around that Kurt Angle had a spot for Haas in TNA so WWE kept Haas around instead of having him jump to TNA.

  • Enrique

    man haas should not be in wwe or tna because sucks a lot he doesnt even know how to wrestle

  • sky_queen3

    I think the only reason he took the money instead of still walking away is to support Jackie and the girls.

    I’m with James to be honest, take the money then run!

  • trey

    yes he is I say give ictitle push

  • baddog_1_2k

    well said rpm he has awesome talent and I don’t blame kurt for wanting to bring him in but wwe has to do something with him on any brand he can’t be just house show talent he’s better than that

  • Chris E

    Yeah, this makes no sense. Haas has great talent, but WWE just wastes it. I’m happy he got his raise, but sad I don’t get to see him wrestle some good matches. I was hoping him and Benjamin would have jumped to TNA some time ago.

  • Leizar

    Damn, what harm is Charlie Haas going to do if he jumps ship? Really? WWE can’t use him, might as well set him free. The guy is talented, yet they don’t have time for him. If it was a bigger name talent, or someone with potential (Ziggler) asking for his release and planning to jump to TNA, then I can see WWE taking this course of action. But Charlie Haas? Really.

  • Daniel Schein

    It’s funny how WWE obviously see’s the value in a guy like Haas yet absolutely refuse to use the guy. It’s a shame he opted to take the money because he’d be an excellent addition to TNA right now with Wolfe and company.

    Honestly since my gut tells me they will botch things with Danielson once he debuts, I think that he and Haas could be a really good Tag Team.

  • Richard

    Do I smell another Monday Night War happening?

  • Valo487

    Normally I don’t like when TNA brings someone in to be who they were in WWE, but I actually think this could work, he and Angle as a team would be interesting and they have the history so it wouldn’t feel forced like some pairings they have tried before.

  • Damien Phoenix

    I can see him in TNA in the X-Division, he has the agility to do it if he tried.

  • Big Saw

    It’s about time Haas does something to make people notice him.

  • James

    I hope he just asks to be released again hahah get the money run, and then go to TNA after 90-day no compete is done with!

  • Allen

    lol they really have I hope they do something with him instead wasting their money and his time.

  • RPM

    Really? a raise?
    Haas barely gets used he was probably chomping at the bit to get a decent spot, WWE has wasted him as a talent for years now.

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