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WWE Considering a Social Media Show, Backstage News on Kharma, RAW

– Still no official word on Kharma’s WWE status but sources say she is no longer with the company. She remains on the WWE Alumni roster. Kharma reportedly told friends that WWE wasn’t sure what to do with her and told her that they were going to give her time to clear her head but the door was wide open for her return.

– It’s no secret by now that WWE is going heavy with social media once RAW goes to three-hours next week. A source says that extra hour of RAW will eventually end up being 75% social media and 25% RAW. The idea from the beginning has been that the first hour of a three-hour RAW would be something similar to a pre-show.

– Once the WWE Network kicks off, WWE is planning on doing a thirty-minute or one-hour live show dedicated to social media – similar to the old WWE Livewire show. Officials are also interested in turning some of the current YouTube shows like WWE Download into 30-minute Network shows.


  • josh

    Good to know that I won’t need to tune in till 9

  • That’s stupid why not put all the guys that usually don’t appear on wwe tv and put em in matches for that first hour fuck all that social media bullshit nobody cares about it anyway give people a chance to shine!!

  • Buttercastle

    In Canada Raw will still be airing at 9 so now instead of 15 minutes behind we will be an hour behind. I don’t like the whole first hour idea, with the social media slash pre-show garbage. So a third of the show is going to be crap everyone can see on their computer if they are the least but interested. What are they even going to do for that? Read tweets and watch YouTube clips? I never got the point of a pre-show for a show that’s on once a week and in some cases has repeats throughout the week. The pre-show in Canada basically recaps what happened last week and then we get to see those recaps again during Raw anyways. So if Canada still has the pre-show, are we going to get 2 pre-shows? It’s not like it’s been weeks since we last watched, everyone still remembers what happened. They must think wrestling fans have short term memory.

    Imagine if other sports did that? They add a 4th period to hockey so the first period is now dedicated to showing YouTube videos / last game’s recaps on the screen while a twitter ticker scrolls at the bottom talking about what the players had for lunch that day. I really hope they don’t charge extra for tickets now because I’m sure people will really love playing for an extra hour of not watchin wrestling.

  • graham

    Electrifying one don’t b a dik

  • No Name Required

    Have her as the big payoff to the Heath Slater legends story.

  • mark

    whilst im sorry to see her go. There is no point in WWE paying her for doing nothing and also looks like they have parted on good terms. Im sure she will be back. Maybe when Beth gets the belt back

  • Stockton Joe

    I know I’m an old fart. I can barely use e-mail. I’m not “on Facebook.” I don’t twitter or tweet or twit or whatever it’s called. But an hour of “such and such and so and so are trending world-wide RIGHT NOW” sounds boring as hell. So I think I’ll be skipping the first hour of RAW. And just how is it that if a show is taped at 8:00 EDT and then shown at 9:00 PDT something can be “trending now” on the West Coast???

    Between RAW and Smackdown and their other weekly shows, WWE is trying to put out too much content. And as a result, it all suffers.

  • SYM

    F*** All Yaw Ideas for Kharma! Push Sakamoto!

  • Stockton Joe

    “WWE wasn’t sure what to do with” Kharma.

    I hate to do other peoples’ job for them – especially when they get paid for it and I don’t. But here are a few ideas.

    • Have her feud with Beth Phoenix and/or Natalya Neihart and/or Tamina Snuka.
    • Form a tag team and have them feud with a tag team formed from the other two.
    • Have Kharma rage and feud against all the “Barbie Doll Divas” (my favorite)
    • Have her team up with Big Show (or another monster heel) and run roughshod over WWE until “someone” (hint hint, SuperCena and Layla – or shudder Kelly Kelly) come to the rescue and save the day.

  • The_electrifying_one

    I think I can speak for alot of people here.

    1) @Nick Kidd Shut the Fuck UP!

    2) We want to see compelling storylines and great wrestling like we used to not shitty social media!

  • Nick Kidd

    I would like to see Kharma back at RAW1000.
    RAW1000 is a big deal, so I would say make is as memable as possible.

    During the Title match between Cena and CM SHIT have big show try to interfer, only for Kharma to come out and take out Big Show.