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CM Punk Legitimately Leaving WWE After Money in the Bank

A WWE spokesman noted to GLAAD in their response to CM Punk uttering an anti-gay slur during yesterday’s Raw live event in Australia that the wrestler is legitimately leaving the organization following the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event on July 18. printed the following in their article: “WWE officials also told GLAAD this morning that CM Punk’s contract will expire in a few weeks, he will not be immediately renewed, and he will no longer be with WWE as of July 18. A spokesperson told us “this departure is not part of a storyline. He is contractually leaving the organization.

“A spokesperson for the WWE told us “We are taking this very seriously.” also notes that GLAAD provided training to members of WWE’s editorial staff and writing team in May. The media monitoring organization is also in discussions with WWE to provide similar training seminars to on-camera talent.

The full story can be accessed here.

  • what and who is glaad i never heard of them?

  • John Cheesa

    Honestly, why does the WWE–or any organization for that matter–have to listen to these idiots from GLAAD? I bet GLAAD only “watches” the product when they see something on YouTube that is offensive to gays. So, you’re going to boycott us, huh? You don’t spend any money on us anyway, so who cares what you think? I think Emerson said it best.

  • basketball with a grudge

    @Bleh I see your point, I must have misunderstood you’re previous arguement and I se where you’re coming from now, how “homo” is un-pc yet homosexual isn’t is beyond me. It’s ridiculous that this is the society we live in now where a simple almost childish insult can spark mass hysteria!

  • Emerson

    @Joe harassment which I don’t condone is covered under free speech! Is it againt the law for me to call you a homo? No it isn’t. My problem arises from the fact that as soon as someone says something homophobic or derogatory people go nuts! Our society has become wussified and overly sensitive. Someone uses the word faggot and it’s all over the news but worse things are said about other minority sections of the population and nobody cares. People need to stop being so sensitive!

  • WrestlingIsGay


    I’m going to need some peer reviewed sources on your claims and some reasoning as to why something like homosexuality isn’t considered a trait, or even a defect.

    Thanks in advance.

  • WrestlingIsGay

    Oh look, Marvin the ignorant nigger makes another stupid comment. Shocking.

  • Dirt Devil

    Did someone say GLAAD was giving semenares?

    Thats nasty!

  • Bleh

    @ basketball with a grudge

    I agree with you on where wwe should tell every one of those dumb fucks where to go that’s not what I’m arguing at all. I just think it’s fucking stupid that homo is considered un-pc but homosexual isn’t? That’s the most retarded shit I’ve ever heard. It’s sad Vince is so upsessed with loosing money that it’s actually causing him to lose money.

  • basketball with a grudge

    @bleh I never said “homo” isn’t pc I just said it’s CONSIDERED un-PC. Homo is considered a derogatory term (even though it’s an abbreviation of homosexual the full correct term) I don’t know why it just seems that gay people are sensitive about the use of the word homo. I agree GLAAD getting on WWE’s ass is ridiculous and needs to stop. As I said in my previous post, WWE need to tell these “partners” where to go, because IMO it’s the groups like GLAAD and national guard that are ruining the product, because WWE creative no longer answers to vince alone, they answer to vince who answers to these groups to make sure theyre not offending anybody which is complete and utter BS.

  • Marvin

    Wow big gay slur ( homo )

    lets see so this is what got CM Punk in trouble


    I guess I’m a homophobe

    and proud of it.

  • Bleh

    @ basketball with a grudge

    If homo isn’t pc then what is??? How about fag? butt pirate? booty bandit? fairy fuck?
    If homo isn’t pc then what is? Cause last time I checked homosexual or homo for short meant fucking someone of the same sex as you. This whole shit is just fucking ridiculous now.

  • Big T

    @Devil I have no problem with gays, but they weren’t born that way. I wasn’t born attracted to white chicks or bigger women, its a taste I aquired over time. When gays say that they were born that way is bullshit! Its taught or aquired over time. My friend became gay to piss off his parents and liked the lifestyle. Good for him. People are born with traits and defects, not gayness.

  • Big T

    Didn’t Cena make a “Brokeback” joke towards the rock a few months ago?

  • Psychomiklos

    Come on….. as if a ‘Spokesperson’ is going to tell the truth if it involves a storyline…

  • JOE

    @emerson you must one the people who didn’t pay attention in history class. Just because you have the freedom of speech, it doesn’t give you the freedom to harass. Which is what you are doing when you name call. Please know what your talking about before you go running your mouth, as it makes us non-gay americans look stupid.

  • The Killswitch


    Trololo back at you.

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    @Ricardo, smoking is a filthy, selfish habit. Go ahead and get your panties in a bunch that someone called you on the truth. There isn’t and never will be a lobby group (that people take seriously) for it because everyone but you and the rest of your moron smoking brethren can already grasp that it’s deadly to everyone around it.

    Anyway, nothing you say matters because you’re alread displayed a complete inability to understand the gravity of the situation. Your slippery slope fallacy is just that. You’ve taken a legitimate cause and foisted it up on a list of trivial things that are irrelevant. If you think that makes sense, you’re a bigger moron than you let on.

    Also, your fupa is showing.

    @Stashathan, there is a difference between choosing to be gay and choosing to act on it.

    The two most generally accepted causes for sexuality are genetic and environmental (though not always distinguishable), aka no choosing involved. If someone was born gay or “grew up gay” why shouldn’t they be able to express their sexuality? When did they lose that right as opposed to their straight counterparts? When does it become okay to chastise them, ridicule them, and deny them their birth right that everyone else can enjoy?

    You’re basically saying, “Well, don’t be gay and no one will say anything,” and that’s a load of shit.

  • venom



  • The Killswitch

    Other than “Personal Computer,” no.

  • basketball with a grudge

    @The Killswitch, PC is political correctness, “Homo” isn’t seen as a politically correct term, which is why everyone’s using PC not PG. I think WWE involving themselves with anti bullying groups etc is a positive move and presents a good image of the company, but GLAAD are seriously taking the piss with complaints and the heavy scrutiny of EVERYTHING a WWE superstar says. The way it’s going WWE creative will be running everything by not only Vince but all WWE’s partners as well to check there’s nothing homophobic, certainly nothing to upset the American audience (Fit Finlay anyone?) and all matches will have no contact rules as that’s bullying and would go against the Be A STAR campaign that’s being promoted so heavily. It’s reaching a point wher I think WWE needs to tell these groups where to go and be that bit more risque, be controversial (within reason of course) and give the fans what we want!

  • TheMark

    ^ Have you really never heard of the term “PC”? Nobody is making a typo.

  • The Killswitch

    Why is everyone repeating the same typo over and over? “PG” not “PC.”

  • Emerson

    Back to what I said, all the crap aside about being PC, I don’t understand the WWE and the entertainment industry’s need to have to cater to groups like GLAAD and other’s who make up a very small segment of the population. You never hear about this partnership between the two of them untill a wrestler or someone in WWE says something they find homophobic. It’s ok to degredate everyone else and even just insult fans in general as long as you don’t call them a fag while your doing it. What ever happened to the 1st ammenedment? since when did we shit on the constitution and say that I don’t have the right to call someone a homo or a fag? Do i have to face consequences for it? your damn right I do but I shouldn’t have to apologize for saying it. If the fans demanded an apology that’s one thing but the only people who even cared about this comment were the people over at GLAAD. They throw there hands in the air anytime someone says anything anti-gay even though we have the right to say anything we want. I guess that’s just the world we live in where the slowly erode away at our freedoms.

  • Stumpy

    This PC world is BS. Wrestling is supposed to be borderline offensive and if the gays, homos, lesbos, he/shes, turd wranglers, pole smokers, fudge packers, etc. do not like the degree that wrestling can go to, then maybe they should be watching Lifetime or whatever other channel there is out there that caters to them. This is wrestling. There is not supposed to be anything PC about it. So go sip on your little pink drinks and take in some Oprah network and stay the hell away from my wrestling. It’s offensive, just the way I like it. And btw… I’m Italian and I think Santino is funny as hell. I find the humor and ficticious nature in it as I do with all of wrestling.

  • Stashathan

    oh @Devil_Rising
    i dont get how somebody wouldnt be able to CHOOSE if they were gay or not…. if iI am not mistaken, that is a choice so before you bring evidence to the case make sure it is relevant to the argument or discussion, I see it more as a discussion, Im not ripping on gay people or nothing Im just sayin, make sure you have a more valid statement, but yea the only way I see somebody not choosing to be gay is if someone took over their body or some other sci-fi=ish situation. everyone chooses their own “SO”, this is to my understanding if there are other points to be proven please bring them forth, I just dont see how someones choice of who they screw wouldnt actually be decided by them, rape doesnt count….

  • Stashathan

    yup, for once I would have to AGREE with Cena, yes Stashathan said AGREE with CENA…. wow, anyway, Vince’s grapefruits have turned into peachpits….

  • marcum

    ok so john cena says slurs that offend people and it doesnt make this big of headlines or doesnt get in this much trouble but cm punk says it and its the end of the world

  • Red

    People have missed the most interesting part of this story, where it says Punk’s contract will not be “immediately renewed”, infering that this is indeed all a work, and Punk is simply doing a Jericho, taking time off, before he is resigned and returns probably next year.

  • Ricardo

    The tattoos example is also a very good one. The “foreigners who cannot talk good English” too (Santino Marella mispronouncing everything is offensive for italians). And what happened with Muhammad Hassan is a perfect example of how WWE allows people to run their mouths until the PC lobbyists complain, and then get on their kneed and suck up to whoever complains.

  • Ricardo

    CC: That’s totally wrong. I wasn’t comparing smoking with racial profiling or anti-gay comments at all. Let me explain it this way.

    There are lots of negative comments (even degrading) on white rappers. And let’s not even get into the fat jokes. What if there were whigger and fat groups of lobbyists arguing that it’s offensive? But okay, you may say “well, it’s your choice to be white and have black maneirisms, and to some extent even being fat is kind of a choice” (not really, but I’ll assume it for argument’s sake).

    Then, you cannot say the same about the way midgets are portraied. Or about the bald jokes. Or about the constant references to Supercuts (remember The Rock and Big Show and the constant Jericho reference to it), which are a stab at the poor. And I won’t even get into the way women are seen. Being a dwarf, bald, poor or even a woman is no more a choice than being gay or black. If you prefer those examples to smoking, fine. But my point is exactly the same.

    My point was that if there was a powerful lobby with an acronym to represent smokers, white rappers, fat people, dwarves, bald people, the poor or even the whole of women, they would drive the WWE to do the same thing as with this ridiculous PC apologies about gay comments. That’s the hypocritical PC crap I was mentioning. If you get on your knees whenever a group of people who take offense about anything and have no sense of humour, then you cannot stop at the gays. You have to go all the way. And what kind of a show do you get then? In fact, what kind of a world do you have then? A numb, scared, boring world.

    By the way. I’m a smoker. You just said I have an anti-social behaviour and implicitly called me suicidal and homicidal. I’m very offended by your comment. I can explain you why that’s your prejudice and not true at all. But still, I believe in your right to say it. Just like I believe you should be able to call people fags on TV. And that’s why the guy who commented proved my point so well.

  • venom

    I am covered in tattoos. I should have a group to protect me from dirty looks. lol. Not really.


    Hey Devil_Rising you and your comment are gay!

  • CC

    @Ricardo, how does that prove your point?
    As Devil Rising says, smoking is something you do by choice, and on top of that is an anti social act as you make other people breathe your shitty second hand smoke.
    Being gay, black, chinese or whatever isnt catching or effects the health of other people.

    Your point isnt proven because the main point of Devils post is that comparing smoking to sexual orientation or race is like comparing someones mobile phone provider to someones height.
    One is a choice you make, and one is something you have no control over.

  • kurt angle

    he will be back soon the wwe will need this motherfucker back

  • Ricardo

    Ahahah “smokers are douchebags” – yeah, that’s a nice argument right there. Thank you for proving my point.

  • Andy

    @Devil_Rising….finally! Someone with a shred of intelligence on this forum!

  • Devil_Rising

    Nothing is “insulting to smokers”. Smokers are douchebags, who CHOOSE to do something that causes cancer and kills people. Most people do not “choose” to be gay, and certainly don’t “choose” their skin color. Comparing smokers to minorities is not only absurd, it’s retarded. Sorry pal, stupid fucking statement.

  • Ricardo

    During his heel turn, R-Truth was accused by JoMo of being unfit because he’s a smoker. That’s insulting to smokers. So why didn’t JoMo had to apologize? Maybe because being a smoker is not PC. Smokers do not have an organized group of lobbyists. But if you’re gay, black, latino, or anything else that is seen as a “friendly minority” by our modern day open-minded hypocrites, then no one will ever antagonize you. Congratulations. PC pinned the WWE.

  • rko

    This is all Linda’s fault. Ever since she decided to get into politics, vince has had to cater to all these special interest groups.

  • Daniel

    If he does win and takes the title you reckon this could be a work to bring back one undisputed title and make a stop to the brand split? im probably looking to far into it but yeh …

  • Treg

    Wait so.. is he leaving BECAUSE he said “homo” now? =/

  • Prodigy

    You guys are ridiculous. They are a partners! Of course they are going to be pissed off at WWE. Even if he is leaving he is still technically working for them. WWE is still a business at the end of the day like it was as it began. I’m pretty sure there are contracts between both GLAAD and WWE so this can probably cost WWE major money if this stuff continues.

    Yeah we all use these terms but we are not under contract with certain obligations to fulfill. This didn’t take place on live television but still at their live shows so WWE is held responsible for this.

    Just saying, I have no problem with him saying that kind of stuff as I say that stuff too but you guys are trampling over WWE without thinking about the whole picture.

  • Jay EZ

    GLAAD is gay. This is all gay.

  • Damkat

    they can’t shrug it off, it would be gay to think they can!!! lol. oh god now there are going to start harassing me..

  • JIR

    The problem with GLAAD and other civil rights groups is that they over exaggerate every little thing a comedian making a joke, a wrestler talks back to an over zealous fan, actors and politicians speaking in anger. If any of them are reading this PLEASE JUST STOP IT LEARN TO SHRUG THINGS OFF

  • Starship Pain

    GLAAD giving seminars? Dios mio, this is fucking stupid…

  • trick29

    homo homo homo homo vince …is a homo

  • Emerson

    It’s rediculous that gays get special treatment in our society when they are a very small minority of people. They make up less than 1% of the population if they want equality that means no special treatment.

  • rko

    Grow a set, Vince. Vince has gone soft.

  • Kakarotto

    AIDS.. Kills Fags Dead.

  • deva

    damn it Y do these glaad people act so gay!! they always cry and whine wen someones says something not so nice


    Gladd has a vagina and is a homo, them and their stupid mo-hawks hahaaha

  • James

    OH NO! CM Punk said a word that WE ALL USE on a regular basis with our friends. What ever shall we do!?

  • BlahH

    According to several sources in WWE, CM Punk’s apology on Twitter was written by Punk without the prompting of WWE officials. While WWE higher-ups were definitely talking yesterday about Punk’s actions, the controversial Punk was apparently legitimately embarrassed by the video and posted the apology before the WWE officials got involved.

    “Punk was telling everyone in the locker room that he felt like a complete douche,” one wrestler currently on the tour in Australia told WrestleZone this morning. “His tweet were in his words, because that’s how he really felt.”

    We’ll have much more on this breaking story as it develops.

  • Bleh

    Fucking butt pirates

  • ##

    Fucking pillow bitters

  • Bleh


    That would be pretty bad ass if it was but sadly the wwe isn’t smart enough to think of something like that. Sadly this is true and wwe really is letting GLAAD stick a dick up their ass. But I still watch wwe hoping for moments like what punk gave us. Hoping for moments like what Mick foley and undertaker gave us in and on top of a cell. I keep hoping… I would watch tna instead if it wasn’t some even gayer version of wcw.

  • CM Punk IS worthy

    So do you think Punk will win the title to get Cena “fired”, only to have Del Rio or Miz cash it in immediately after the match? Or will Cena just defeat Punk cleanly? I am hoping Punk wins and loses immediately after… takes a few months off, comes back early 2012 as an ex four time champion. Even though I had predicted Del Rio to win MITB. I think Miz cashing in would make more sense, thus Miz being the second two-time Money In The Bank winner while screwing over Punk in the process, (excluding Edge cashing it in twice). Maybe Vince will screw Cena and get behind Miz (on TV). I’d be fine with Del Rio, anything but Cena winning cleanly.

  • ##

    GLAAD is not but gay ass faggots whoses penises smell like crap with stupid butches who look like idiots rubbing their hairy vaginas together.

  • Bill

    Dammit! I hope this doesn’t mean he’s permanently leaving. Vince made money with guys saying stuff like Punk did during the Attitude Era, & now he’s trying to do it by preventing people from saying stuff like Punk did during this “PG” Era. Then again, WWE might’ve said this to keep GLAAD happy….

  • Camille

    Minority activist groups are not fucking authority figures, this is getting ridiculous.

  • GLAAD are a bunch of homo’s ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • ejjigga

    This would be the greatest thing if the entire incident was a work.

  • dan

    hope they let punk leave with the title, and do the right thing for once.

  • dan

    if you have a fAUx hawk, you’re a homo, end of. Don’t try and argue with a proffessional wrestler that made his bones in intimate settings, cus they sure as fuck have heard every insult under the sun and know just what they want to say right back, still tho I

  • mark

    Of course hes leaving. Is this really new news???

  • CM Mark

    GLAAD are a bunch of homo’s.

  • Bleh

    Seriously this shit is getting ridiculous. Punk said the dude had a vagina and he was a homo. Big fucking deal. Glaad is fucking stupid and the wwe is a big ass pussy. Honestly if shit like what punk said is gonna get somebody’s panties in a twist then their ass should just stick to Barney. I’d say they should stick to Disney but with the shit they got on there too now that would be way too much for them. FUCK YOU GLAAD. FUCK YOU WWE FOR LETTING GLAAD FUCK YOU IN THE ASS WITH NO LUBE.