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Former WWE Star Accused of Assaulting a Woman He Thought Was a Man

Former WWE Star Ken Shamrock is accused of assaulting a woman while trying to break up a fight at a California mall. Shamrock says he thought the woman was a man and he backed off once the realization was made.

According to TMZ, a bystander jumped him as Shamrock was trying to break up a fight between two women last month. Shamrock proceeded to dump the bystander to the ground and apply a hold. He was then alerted by another person that he just knocked out a woman, prompting Shamrock to stop.

An officer filed a battery report against Shamrock, but prosecutors told TMZ that charges likely will not be filed against Shamrock because he believed he was acting in self-defense.

  • Tombstone

    Seems to me that if she attacked him first then she should be the one facing an assault charge.
    Typical police work. Anytime it is a man and a woman they automatically assume it is the mans fault.

  • Shawn O B

    Wow 13 dislikes? Shamrock stopped the hold when he realized the victim was a woman IMO. surely he knew the victim was knocked out during the application of the hold while being a nuttyass because martial arts is his expertise. thats what i meant. i dont care if he was right or wrong. i just didnt want to type so much. how do you know he wasnt trying to fish hook their mouths apart trying to break the fight up. that would defeat the purpose. i wouldnt be surprised if he was to aggressive. thats definitely his personality.

  • J.W

    @yofits. where do i start? first, the angle betweeen shamrock and bulldog was PRE attitude era. and i started watching the bulldog since i was 5 so i had a ton of respect for his background, his work ethic, his matches. shamrock just screamed after every match and suplexed refs. also look closely he sucked as a storyteller, you could usually hear him calling spots on camera. not all of us ordered summerslam to watch the bulldog eat dog food. some of us wanted to watch foley and HHH in that cage match? bret and taker ring a bell? and not everyone here is a john cena fanboy. and finally, learn to spell

  • Shane

    Not his fault, he was in the zone

  • HBK

    Mn are given the stength to protect women not to hit them! Women have been fighting for equal rights since the beginning of time and u have to cross the line somewhere! Women r not stronger physially than men r! U can’t hnestly say a man should knock a woman out because of that

  • rich

    Any man who’s jumped by a woman has every right to knock that bitch out. For decades, women have been fighting for equality and women ‘s rights. Now that they have it, they expect men to not kick their ass when they attack us first. Where is the equality in that? Any woman who makes a confrontation with a man physical deserves to get beat with a brick!

  • Terry

    I don’t even read the news on here anymore . I only read the comments. Some of you crack me up

  • Tim

    Take it easy on yofits. It’s bad enough he can’t spell “ken”, and doesn’t know the difference between Summerslam and summerfest. Is he really worth your time?

  • Tim

    “hey you hit my mom”
    “nooo, I hit your dad.”
    “stand back she’s going into labor.”
    “You mean HE’s going into labor. Uh oh”

  • yofits

    If you people had watched the WWF during the attitude era, you would’ve want Shamrock to win because if the Bulldog lost, he would’ve eaten a can of dog food.

    We all cheered Shamrock back in the day. You noobs are a bunch of lame John Cena fanboys. Damn noobs, go watch your damn PG rated crap.

  • Punk 01-12

    I’m more offended yofits is stupid enough to prefer someone like ken shamrock to the british bulldog. sorry your boy ken didn’t get that all important european title at summerslam. I’m sure it would’ve sent him into main event status right away if it turned out different

  • Logan

    @yofits – Dude…….what the fuck?!?

  • jim

    yofits you are a sick person

  • Shawn O B

    well whatever the case may be, it sounded like blind rage to me. hey that rhymes! hee hee!

  • JRC


  • Steve

    Wasn’t this an episode of Family Guy?

  • yofits

    The world’s most dangerous man Kin Shamrock should have won the European title at Summerfest 1997 against the British Bulldog.

    Fuck the Bulldog for not wanting to job to Shamrock. He’s burning in hell now for that one.

  • Jbrd

    Agreed with Devil_rising.He acted on instinct.Far as I’m concerned the stupid woman shouldn’t have attacked Ken.

  • Dystre Fjell

    He got jumped by Chyna in a strip joint ? No wonder he thought he was fighting a man.

  • xXx

    i wonder what kind of hold he used~

  • Devil_Rising

    In this case, it doesn’t sound like Ken hit anybody. He acted in self defense after someone jumped him, when he was trying to break up a public fight in the first place.

  • Max

    men should not hit women. But women souldn’t hit men either. As a matter of fact, nobody should hit anybody except in cases of self defense.