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Former WWE Star Arrested On Felony Robbery Charge

Former WWE and TNA Wrestling talent Travis “Tyson” Tomko, 38, is currently being held in Florida’s St Johns County Jail.

According to a police report on, he was arrested this morning on a felony robbery charge. He was booked at 5:36 a.m. and given inmate number SJSO10MNI015725. No bond is listed.

Tomko last performed on a national stage for TNA Wrestling in 2010. He parted ways with the organization in August of that year.

  • venom

    Looks like Tomko can wrestle Jeff Hardy Punjabi prison match.

  • breezy

    tomko had potential? matt morgan has potential, mark jindrak had potential. tomko only had the champion look. mic skills were below average. he couldnt talk his way against tajiri. wrestling skills was dull, had no excitement in his matches.

  • MrDr3w

    @Effmenow: They kinda can’t bring the guy back if he’s in jail…

  • RoxanneConner

    TNA paid him that bad eh?

  • Jason

    He’s the problem solver huh ? Sounds like he CAUSED a problem lol

  • XSF

    Cop: Well Tomko?! Did you do it?!

    Tomko: No.

  • Jbrd

    Puh!What a Loser..

  • Stumpy

    When was Tomko ever a “star” in the Big E? He was more like cannon fodder.

  • Effmenow

    Bring back Tomko as Christian’s bodyguard! That dude was one of the few big men in the business today that actually had potential.