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Former WWE Star Batista Reportedly Opening MMA Training Facility

TMZ reports that former WWE Champion Batista is opening a mixed martial arts training facility in Tampa, Florida.

The gym is currently open to “close martial artist friends,” but Batista plans to open the gym to the public next week.

The training faclity is called Gracie Fighter Jiu Jitsu and Batista is tag teaming with mixed martial arts trainer Cesar Gracie in the endeavor. The two became close last year while he was pursuing a career in mixed martial arts.

Batista said in Aprl he was negotiating with Strikeforce for his first fight, but that deal fell through after the company was bought out by the UFC.

  • Bill

    AustinPowers(the guy here) is hilarious! But I don’t see Batista ever beating up Brock Lesnar.

  • AustinPowers


    your probably mad cause you didnt make it in mma, batista is the man, brock is a pussy, go play with your dolls

  • CC

    @AustinPowers. Do you really believe that are or are you just being an idiot on purpose?
    If Batista could kick Brocks butt, why was he a failure at getting into MMA then if he is so damn tough?
    Simple fact is, Shatista is so roided up that one punch from Brock would probably snap every bone in Shatista’s body, and cause his heart to explode for good measure.

  • Fatt Hardy

    @ Austin

    Go play with minime, brock is a monster i 2000% agree with venom

  • um

    @AustinPowers You do know that Booker T gave Bautista an ass kicking when he was in WWE, right?

  • BigPoppaDaddyCool

    1000% agree with venom, batista is a freak, and Powers you are a moron

  • Fatt Hardy


    yeaa you believe that one, brock is a monster

  • AustinPowers


    batista would kick brocks butt anyday, you are an idiot, just saying

  • Timmeh

    He might not have “made it” in MMA, but Batista has a pretty deep kick boxing background to begin with, so he’s not completely out of his zone. Plus, with the Gracie name I’m sure it will be successful.

  • venom

    I agree with everybody on here. Brock would be okay if he opened a place like this, but Batista? He should have opened up a weight lifting gym because he is roided up.

  • cheesehandler

    bastista = poopoo

  • The Killswitch

    Yeah, I don’t get this either.

  • mark

    I agree if anything he should open a place for young wrestlers to train. Atleast he had some success in WWE

  • Bill

    Why would Batista open an MMA facility if he never was in MMA? That’s like Vince Russo teaching a class on good booking….

  • CC

    You can just imagine people saying “Who owns this MMS training facility?”
    “Err, didnt he fail at MMA?”
    “Ok, lets go somewhere else.”

  • Sammo

    Batista opening an MMA facility is like Michael Jordan opening an ice-hockey facilty.