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Ex-WWE Star Claims Cena Ruined His Relationship With James

Former WWE talent Kenn Doane (a/k/a Kenny Dykstra) posted a message on his Twitter account this week alleging that some of John Cena’s marital problems stem from adultery on the part of the WWE Superstar.

Doane said on the micro-blogging website earlier that he believes Cena is among those within the sports entertainment organization lobbying for Randy Orton’s dismissal following his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program. A Twitter user chastised Doane for spreading rumors about Cena. He responded, “Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I’m sure his [adultery] in his marriage is a rumor by me too? Or is it truth being told?”

Doane also recalled a negative backstage encounter he had with Cena at a WWE show last November. After being asked whether the multi-time champion was good or bad to him during his time with the organization, he responded, “We were cool until last time I was there he hated me. Didn’t even want to talk or shake hands. Everyone else was cool though.”

Doane then posted a message Thursday in response to Cena fans agitated by his remarks: “Before I get hate tweets from Cena fans, just know I’m not lying. Have no reason too. His issue is his issue. Sure he has bigger problems #RafoolLaw.”

Doane continued, “[Cena] will never respond cuz 1 its the truth everything I said and 2 he has bigger problems #RafoolLaw “#BigShow” “#Johnny” b4 #KD’struth.”

Doane added, “I say things others are afraid they will get “heat” for. I don’t care. Truth is truth.”

He is also not upset with wrestling news outlets reporting his Twitter remarks. “They covered everything I said. If it wasn’t true I wouldn’t of wrote it,” Doane said.

Doane, who at one point was engaged to fellow wrestler Mickie James, says he split with the then-WWE Diva after discovering that she was cheating on him with Cena.

“Oh hell no,” Doane wrote Friday to an uninformed follower asking whether he was still engaged to James. “Broke up with her once I found out she was cheating with John. #Rat.”

James’ relationship with Cena briefly turned into a WWE storyline in mid-2008, but ceased once the two broke up. They, however, remained friends as late as May 2009, with James proclaiming then during an interview with that Cena was ‘one of her road pals.’

“I hang out with John. He’s a sweetheart, and he’s very personable,” James said.

Cena married his high school sweetheart, Liz Huberdeau, two months later. Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer later implied in a thread on the message board concerning Cena and James’ relationship that James was transferred from Raw to SmackDown in the fall of 2009 because she didn’t professionally handle breaking up from Cena, thus forcing organization officials to separate the two from each other at work.

  • hjkhjk

    Aww Sorry Cena didn’t like you Kenny. Too bad.

  • CC

    What makes this sound like even more bullshit than before is he says he has no idea why Cena has a problem with him, then goes on to say that Cena stole his woman.
    Not being funny, but why would he want Cena to still be his friend after that anyway? Also, if you stole a guys girl, why would you be friends with the guy?
    Sounds like Doane is either a liar, or some kind of weirdo.

    I may not like Cena, and couldnt care less about Doane, but its seems pretty simple to me that even if Cena did steal James from him, Doane isnt doing himself any favours telling stories that sound like total bullshit. If he had said “John stole my woman, so I dont speak to him anymore” that would have been more believable.

  • Ray

    … ‘Cause if he has all those women just begging to sleep with him and doesn’t? He’s a faggot. Put your pussies away, boys. That’s the simple truth of it.

  • Ray

    I believe him. On the road all those days a year? Totally plausible. And the fact that Cena has such a large female fan base? It’s completely and entirely plausible.

  • Soulshroude

    Doane… your nothing special, which is why you are no longer, “part of the show”.

  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point In Tryin

    Rise Above Adultery Kenny!!

  • Dang

    What so ever!I still believe in Cena and I hope Cena and James could be a great couple.When I ask my friend John Cena and Mickie,they said good wrestler,when I ask about Kenny Dysktra,they said who the hell is he ?

  • Dan

    Anybody else just know this was gonna be about Kenny Dykstra before clicking? Weird to think that he was the member of the Spirit Squad that could make it as a single competitor and not Ziggler.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


    When did Cena say that he and his wife have an open relationship? I doubt any man would be cool with his wife banging other guys…

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    @”Bad Man” Bigelow

    Yup! Pretty much explains everything. can’t blame him thouhg, thats messed up!

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    “Doane, who at one point was engaged to fellow wrestler Mickie James, says he split with the then-WWE Diva after discovering that she was cheating on him with Cena.”

    I think this answers the question of why Doane has been talking shit about Cena.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Damn I think Cena was that bogus

  • Whooper

    Damn Mickie James is hot

  • mark

    Nothing like kicking Cena when hes down. Nice timing kenny as Cena is now going through a divorce. Why didnt he say anything before ??

  • cenaWWE

    he just mad cause cena has more game… nuff said

  • Prince

    Can’t really blame Ken for hating Cena. The dude stole Mickie James from him.

  • scooter

    John said many times had an open relationship with his wife. So I guess this is partially true but on the other hand his wife knew about it and was had her own guys on the side.

  • Tyler(:

    I’m guessing Kenny doesn’t like Cena.

  • Buttercastle

    This guy has allllllll life’s answers!

  • False Idol

    Yes, o.k Kenny! Says you, who only yesterday said that you and John Cena had a problem with each other! Like I am going to believe a word of what you say! Plus, whatever happened in that marriage, should remain’s none of your or our concern!