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Former WWE Star Disappointed With Raw 1,000, The Honky Tonk Man Profiled

– Former WWE Superstar Tatanka confirmed online reports that he was contacted to appear on the historic 1,000th episode of Raw. However, he reveals, company officials never followed up on the matter with him.

“Hello #TeamTatanka! Wished I could’ve surprised u all & brought back what we all love! @WWE called & office confirmed but no follow-up at end,” he wrote on Twitter.

Tatanka adds he was disappointed with WWE’s efforts for the milestone program.

“With such a Historic Event #RAW1000 I was surprised that the show was not more than what it was. Missed it completely with show on for nineteen years!” he wrote.

“The Native American” also retweeted a fan remark stating, “I watched @WWE #RAW1000 to see @NativeTatanka and instead I have to suffer watching Miz win the IC title…shenanigans!”

– has added the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all-time, The Honky Tonk Man, to its Alumni section: “The Honky Tonk Man tried to make the WWE Universe twist and shout with his unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll. Don’t be cruel, grab yourself a “Hunka Hunka Honky Love” and check out his new WWE Alumni profile, with exclusive photos and videos!”

  • Houndy

    You might want to consider proof reading your jibberish next time. Its one thing to come off like an asshole….but to come off like complete sphincter….pretty lame.

  • Breakdown

    Who the hell wants to see Tatanka’s sorry ass after all these years? The guys was a mid-card level in-talent at best. Stick your feathers straight up your and go back to your old job at Bally’s….which at its peak paid more than the shit ass NFL contract he was offered. Tool. Thumb me down and kiss my ass.

  • SYM

    CC always talks like he works for the company

  • CC

    He has to realise that they probably contacted a shit load of talent, and only wanted a fraction of those to actually appear. The rest they wanted as a back up plan. As someone said above, if he wanted to be on the show, he should have pushed for it.
    WWE may have made the first contact, but he is the one who lost out on a pay day. Its no skin off WWE’s noses.

  • loser im glad u admitt it

  • WtF

    Tatanka? LoL did anybody really miss seeing this guy? I would of rather seen Savio Vega or Barry Horowitz! Lol

  • Loser

    He probably wanted the job more than the job wanted him. So i’d say it would be on him to call or to not complain about it afterwards.

  • hitmanmontreal

    Its only 3 hours show to remembers all the history and talent and this and that u need a special 6 hours show lol

  • Devil_Rising

    Yes. But it’s not his job, is it? They contacted him, it’s on them, as the promotion, to set everything up, fly him out, etc. It was on them to finalize everything and get back to him, not the other way around.

  • Loser

    Maybe he should have contacted them instead of waiting around….