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Former WWE Star Expected To Join TNA Soon, Hogan Video Game Named Worst

— Former WWE star Chavo Guerrero is expected to join TNA Wrestling in the near future after appearing for Ring Ka King this past week, their India based promotion. Regarding the tapings, he tweeted Wednesday, “In India right now, and had an INCREDIBLE wrestling experience last night! Never have seen anything like this in 18 yrs of wrestling!! Great crew in India, inside the ring &out. Really making me LOVE wrestling again!”

Alongside Harry Smith, Guerrero captured the promotion’s tag team championship at the tapings.

— Official XBOX Magazine named Hulk Hogan’s Main Event the worst video game of 2011.

The magazine writes, “This atrocity earns the loudest jeers from us for not only being the least interactive Kinect game to date, but also wasting a great idea (mimicking lavish pro-wrestling entrances) and taking up precious landfill space that could’ve been filled with something more pleasant, like hazardous waste. This game would have been a strong contender for the year’s worst game if it were a $5 XBLA download. At $50, it’s the financial equivalent of being smashed in the head with a steel chair.”

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • CM Prick

    Calm down, Jason. You sound more upset than someone at a Chris Benoit parenting class.

  • AUSTIN316

    @jason shut up if all baseball players say poop tastes like bacon, you gonna try some and compare the two? you must be black seeing how stupid you are

  • Gary

    Neither TNA nor WWE is good ATM, rather watch my ROH & CZW

  • Jason

    Yeah I guess 90% of every ex wwe/wcw/ecw/nwa/awa/tna talent from producer to writer to talent saying wwe is trash after leaving the company means they are just talking crap. Sorry but I will take the word of people in my business over a few IWC marks. WWE is trash and TNA is the show to watch

  • Superman

    Think they are praising tna cuz it’s their only gig and don’t want to blow one of their last shots and just trying to stick it to the wwe

  • AUSTIN316

    you are an idiot jason, just because they say its a good company dont mean it is, if someone tell ya poop taste good, you gonna eat some?

  • Jason

    I said it before and I will say it again TNA is the best wrestling promotion in the world. How many pro wrestlers have to claim that TNA is the best before you fuck tards begin to listen. I laugh because most pro wrestlers bash wwe and call it a trash place to work for and only good for getting a nice pay day. TNA is getting praise from almost pro wrestlers for being the place to work for in 2011. TNA FTW

  • billy

    If it wasn’t for hogan there would be no wrestling period! Let’s keep it real

  • drew

    What an odd pair Harry and Chavo. I mean both are great wrestlers just why in a tag team?
    Also just tossing it out there Best Buy already lowered it down to $29.99 last time I checked

  • Bastion boogeyman

    How is Chavo going to join TNA when he got arrested for steroids?Hogan is a fucking loser. All we will remember is his fuck ups and not his success from the 80s. At this point, he should hang himself, or overdose.

  • Joshy

    If ur hungry enough ull eat anything 😉

  • Joshy

    Ill smash linda anyday… Huge cans!

  • Jaime5150

    Worst $50 bucks ever, rather use that to get one hour with linda and thats not saying much

  • Good R-Truth

    What does it involve this game lol, the hogan family and friends wrestling. Hogan & Brian Knobbs VS Linda & Her new beau. Nick Hogan Vs Lawyers , Brooke Hogan VS Jillian Hall in a crimes against singing match, Eric Bitchoff VS Vince Russo In how to make a business bankrupt match, Screech VS Dennis Rodman in a ladder tazer match, Bubba Love Sponge VS Awesome Kong, Jimmy Hart VS ManCow,Todd Bridges VS Scott Hall. DLC includes Zeus, David Arquette, Thunderlips, The Nanny Mr America & Zack Gowan. The graphics will be like celebrity death match.

  • haven’t tried it and now I won’t , thanks for the heads up . check out my blog for your wrestling fix

  • bonerjams

    I knew this was crap from the start as anything involving kinect i just didnt know it was $50.

  • PinkSinCara

    This game sucks more cock than my ex-wife Linda, BROTHER!

  • donners

    why have i never heard of this game?!

    oh, that’s right…. it’s because it’s shit.

    seriously hogan, go away.

  • AUSTIN316

    @ Diz Hogan only knows best when it comes to sucking some ck and sueing people. lol sad thing is, its true

  • Diz

    Guess hogan doesn’t know best when it comes to video games

  • 1919

    stupid hogan LOL

  • MaNic

    when the fuck did we get ice cream?