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– Mick Foley says a current WWE Superstar wants to use one of his signature moves. Foley tweeted last night:

“A @WWE Superstar recently talked to me about adding a classic Foley move into his offense. Any ideas on who it might be..and which move?”

– TV Guide lists that Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal will be featured on today’s episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam, likely with Mahal vs. Ted DiBiase. The Usos vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel will also be featured, according to the MyVortexx Twitter.

– WWE NXT star Kassius Ohno wrote the following about The Shield member Roman Reigns:

“Some of you are reluctant & rightfully so. But let me assure you; Roman Reigns is a stud. Thoroughbred y’all.”

  • adam

    Id say the double arm DDT. no one would really do the mandiable claw anymore and his elbow other people like dreamer have used it. The taunt isnt really a move

  • Stevie P

    Either the elbow off the apron or the double arm DDT.

  • Zedd

    I was thinking the Knee thing in the corner. The bang bang taunt can’t really be added to an offense unless they pretend they’ve been shot. I would like to see something like that though.

  • Ryan

    double armed ddt….

  • Whatever

    Don’t hate The Shield man!
    That tv serie was not bad at all!

  • hf part two

    The Shield?! LMAO

    Dumb Ambrose, Thorn
    Meth Rollins, Ironic Man
    Gecko Reigns, Captain Americunt
    Cm Skunk, The Infraggable Krunk
    Paul Hymen, Dick Fury

  • Buttercastle

    Ohno seems to be the president of Roman Reigns fan club with comments like that.

  • Nate

    I thought Deva makes a fair point, Dean Ambrose has been known to do that *bang bang finger point*.

  • Tony A

    The Cobra Claw…

  • Deva

    Its probably one of the guys from the shield and its the “bang bang” finger point.

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