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WWE Star Limping After RAW, Speculation on Layla’s Status, Update on Ryback Heat, Reddick

– MLB star Josh Reddick noted on Twitter that he will be at tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Atlanta also.

– We heard from more than one fan at last night’s RAW Country in Nashville who reported that Rey Mysterio was seen limping around the ring and up the ramp after last night’s RAW went off the air.

– In a follow-up to recent reports, Dave Meltzer stated on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that Ryback is in the doghouse.

– No word yet on why Layla wasn’t used on the recent European tour and isn’t included in the 7-on-7 Divas match at Survivor Series. There’s some speculation that she may have injured her knee again but that’s not confirmed. Her last TV match was a 10-Diva tag match on the September 23rd RAW and she hasn’t tweeted since October 17th.

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  • JAckh45

    I think you need to read what I said… 10 years…
    these gimics you stated were in the 90s…

  • MrDr3w

    Rey needs to just get inducted into the HOF and walk away from the business while he can still walk.

  • Solid

    It looked like he was limping a little when he came out before he started running down to the ring, so maybe he wasn’t 100% when he came back.

  • los322

    Lmao good username

  • John

    its time for him to hang up the boots

  • Minstrel_Period

    Plot Abortion.

  • los322

    I guess you don’t remember the Filthy animals and giant killer gimmick?

  • JAckh45

    Sure we do… he’s stale. Character hasnt changed in over 10 years… Hell even Cena went from Doctor of Thuganomics, to The Marine and now his current gimmick of SuperCena.
    Mysterio wont ever change, he said so himself making him utter boring.

  • Will Henderson

    let’s hope it’s just a twisted ankle and not another blow ACL/MCL/Quad. we don’t want to see Rey retire just a day after coming back from the injuries that maybe his career downfall.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Rey injured again? Well that didn’t take long, did it?