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Former WWE Star Says McMahons Needs To Quit Politics, WWE en Espanol, More

– Chris Mordetzky, who appeared as Chris Masters for WWE, feels the McMahon family needs to step away from competitive politics after former WWE CEO and President Linda McMahon spent upwards of $100 million on two failed U.S. Senate campaigns.

He tweeted Tuesday upon learning of McMahon’s loss to Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy for a Senate seat in Connecticut, “100million dollars later its time for the McMahons to quit politics.”

– WWE has posted the latest episode of WWE en Espanol, with Jerry Soto and Marcelo Rodríguez.


– Former WWE Superstar John Morrison is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on

  • Big Al

    The McMahons need 2 stick with wrestling and wrestling only. It was Vince McMahon that came up with the ideas that later was named pay per view when it came 2 Wrestlemania. His father Vince Sr. did nothing but wrestling however if I am wrong on that please someone correct me. It was Vince Sr. who created the WWF in the first place. I wish it were still called the WWF but thats another situation all together. So come on Vince u and your family stick 2 what u do best. Wrestling.

  • ashterk

    I agree wit Tim… I don’t even remember wbf is but I agree wit it. Wow of the almost 100 million dollars she wasted she could have given that to the susan breast cancer fund or an aids cure fund or something that could have a positive effect on the entire world as opposed to just Wasting another 100 on throwing away all tha confede she didn’t get to use

  • Tim

    He says that like they haven’t wasted their money before. Remember the WBF? Or how about the XFL?

  • adam

    @bentley they will never fully get rid of the pg storylines because they want to get into china that and the linda were to big parts of PG now that linda is hopefully done maybe they can get a little better and go to p3-13 and show blood again and start doing hardcore matches. As for this i dont think linda will stop until they run out of money.

  • Bentley

    She needs to quit so we can get the old school WWE back! No More PG!

  • adam

    No shit she needs to stop she is never going to win she is just wasting money