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Former WWE Star MVP Tweets After Massive Earthquake Hits Japan

– Former WWE Superstar MVP has experienced the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last night. He is currently in Japan working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. MVP wrote on Twitter, with his last message being this morning:

“I just experienced my 1st Japanese EARTHQUAKE!!! WOW!!! Aftershocks are pretty strong. I LOVE IT HERE! #Kokujin Gojira.

When these Japanese people went running & screamin I thought they were afraid of ME! Kokujin Gojira!

So I heard Sendai, where I debuted for NJPW was the epicenter. 7.9 is no laughing matter. I hope there were no fatalities! Positive vibez!

Service is in & out. Safe @ the hotel & EVERY1 is in the lobby. No1 is allowed upstairs. State of emergency. Earlier I had NO IDEA severity!

I walked back from Asuksa. Can’t get upstairs here now. Sendai is in BAD shape. My heart goes out!

My phone doesn’t seem to be able to make or receive calls. My txt msging isn’t working. Miracle of miracles twitter is fine.

On the 19th floor Tokyo Dome hotel. It’s swaying noticeably atm but just another way less severe after shock. Stand Still traffic outside!

NHK (news) showing local damage. Serious infrastructure damage. Roads SPLIT & DROPPED several feet in some places. Another after shock now.

Phone lines are down & cell lines are congested. BBM & twitter are my only means of communication. Good luck catching a fone convo!

AIRPORT?! Call me crazy but I’m not going home until they SEND me home. It’ll take more than a disaster 2 derail my dreams! I LOVE JAPAN!

The Japanese are a very strong people. They will mourn & grieve & then bounce back ! I will entertain them as long as they’ll have me! #NJPW

Another after shock. The hotel is swaying pretty good! Some people pay good money for a thrilling ride like this. SCARY ! Humor > Fear”

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  • mj

    WWEUniverse Wants More @ZackRyder On Monday Night Raw

  • kpnuttzlol

    I don’t agree with the jokes being made at the expense of the event and the fact people are losing their lives however, it is a coping mechanism nonetheless and I am sure he feels the need to tweet and all so that his family and friends are aware that he is fine and nothing has happened to him as of now.

    Some of the messages are a little insensitive however MVP is an American and no offence but Japan,China etc. have much more severe natural disasters than other countries so he may not have even realised just how bad it actually was. My heart truly does go out to the people of Japan.

  • yechrael


    if your dad died when you were 2 then surely you couldnt have bonded with him or even remember him.
    so your example of losing a loved one is void.

  • Zach V

    if u guys actually read the msg’s, ya some of them are pretty odd, but the one where he talkes bout twitter being on, i think hes being sarcastic and a lot of them are updates as to what’s going on and i believe some of those comments are just his way of coping with it, u gotta understand hes there too, he even says i hope there were no fatalities, come on guys hes hoping no one died

  • Boomski

    Its kind of like the pot calling the kettle black when MVP tweets are insensitive in a time like this, yet the comments on here are pretty insensitive……at a time like this. Really, peeps? Really?

  • lew

    this website is funny half the people on here would never talk the trash they do if they were actually in front of the person

  • Malin

    @mj – “shut up” only really works in spoken conversation.

    If you don’t want to read what people are writing then you simply don’t read it!

  • mj

    DAMN! SHUT the fuck UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammo

    Someone’s upset! Sorry CC dude, I didn’t realise how much MVP meant to you. I can fully accept that he was mentally troubled by developments, but I also fully believe that his choices of statements were selfish and out of place. It’s just not cricket.

    You do get that MVP had prior knowledge of the earthquake (being there as he was) whereas I have no knowledge of your life whatsoever, right? I don’t even know if you’re a rider or a punk. Are you a rider? Or are you a punk? Your Mother must be very dissappointed with how truly irredeemably thick you are.

    You seem to think that all human beings response are programmed and passive… But I can assure you they’re active, thicko. For example, just this morning I saw an advert telling me to buy a certain brand of toothpaste, but I chose not to. *GASP* It’s almost as if I had my own say in how I reacted!

    Oh – and my eldest brother has downs syndrome, so for to use the word “retarded” towards me in a derogatory sense is pretty damn heartless, so fucking bravo to you too, you foul-mouthed thicko.

  • Truthiness

    Some of you can be so stupid. Yes, he’s making jokes, it’s what happens when something crazy is happening and there’s no other way to let out the built up emotion. I saw videos this morning of Japanese people laughing as it was happening.

    Also, yes, thank God Twitter is fine, if it’s the only way to communicate to the outside world, even if the outside world is a bunch of tools like you.

  • Malin

    Geez, I thought Sammo was over-reacting until I read CC’s comments! If you’re going to cry like a baby everytime someone disagrees with you online then I’d suggest the Internet isn’t a good place for you!

    MVP’s comments are a bit weird. You would expect compassion from celebrity Twitters seeing as their voice reaches so many people. I guess he was freaked out, but it does seem to be a bit of an “at least I’m okay” attitude.

  • Trixie

    “Miracle of miracles twitter is fine”… Oh thank god. Really MVP, really?

  • Devil_Rising

    Damn. People are stupid. Especially online.

  • misfit del rio sin cara

    @ cc, oh my brother testify……..

  • CC

    Its called a coping mechanism you retarded fucking moron. Just for the record, you say he is being heartless, then make assumptions on my family situation. Well fucking bravo for you, cause you just made a joke about my father who died when I was two.

    It just goes to show you have no concept of intelligence of concern for humanity yourself because you make judgements without knowing facts.

    Simple fact is earthquakes have different types of severity, and at the time MVP probably had no knowledge of how severe it was and what damage it had caused.
    As he is from America, he knows that earthquakes dont necessarily mean fatalities, so that is probably why reacted like that initially.

    Now go back to being a fucking ignorant shit bag who condemns others for saying shit before they know the facts, all the while doing it yourself.

  • Sammo

    Don’t be so ignorant. A truly massive earthquake and he shouldn’t be aware that there’s gonna be a death toll?! If it were me in his situation, my first thoughts would be to send out concern for others, not to make fun of the Japanese folk who were literally screaming in terror.

    And once he did realise the severity of it, he carries on trying to be “funny”… Not cool in my book.

    I bet your parents hit you quite hard as a kid for being so irredeemably thick.

  • CC

    Dont be so ignorant. He is in the middle of it and is just trying to stop himself from losing his mind by keeping his spirits high.
    Thats why he says Humor > Fear. Read the rest of his comments to see if he is heartless for fucksake.
    Yes, his initial tweets were stupid considering whats happening, but once he realised the severity of it, he changed his mind.
    The last comment is pretty standard stuff in trying circumstances for someone who is trying to make sure he doesnt wallow in depression and fear.

  • Sammo

    Pretty frikking heartless of MVP to bang on about how much fun he’s having in his swaying hotel and making jokes about the quake considering hundreds of people have just lost their lives because of it.