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WWE Star Out of Action for 5 Months, More on Shawn Michaels & Helms

– In an update on Goldust, he noted on Twitter this afternoon that he would have surgery this week and would be out of action for five to six months.

– The comments from Hurricane Helms against Shawn Michaels continue on Twitter. Helms wrote, “I think I might go murder some animals for fun and hang their heads on my wall cuz that’s what Jesus would do. Right @ShawnMichaels_ ?”

HBK responded, “Jus got bak. Wow u guys r fired up! Sorry u have 2 deal w/it. Don’t worry, I don’t. Comes w/the territory. have zero desire 2 do the internet stuff other than corresponding w/u. U can make ur own decisions & I will respect them. May I now return to having fun w/ u all please. Life is 2 short 4 me 2 go thru High school again:-) “

  • Jason

    Helms is right sadly, HBK is an asshole, I have worked in this business for 15 years now and have done years of work with this jackoff. While a great worker he is not a nice person or a good person. Sadly some of the IWC is too dumb to understand that. Just ask Booker’T or Jericho there thoughts on him. Case closed

  • erik

    @hunter no actually in 2006 when wwe had him drop superhero gimmick and gave him serious heel push as cruiserweight champion in 2006. He held title for over year from january2006- july 2007. wwe gave him a little push and put cruiserweight title on him 2006.

  • Hunter

    I’m not in twitter, but hope those who are, are letting helms know he is a fucking moron who’s best run came playing a superhero


    Ha love how shawn realizes this is very childish of Helms, I like how he said “Life is 2 short 4 me 2 go thru High school again:-)” I mean come on Helms, you just want to be relevant again so you go after one of the greatest WWE stars of all time who is relaxing peacefully at home. Nobody cares about your ass Helms. Go get high off grapes with Matt.

  • erik

    I will say helms was good crusierweight champion in wcw and in wwe in 2006 when he held belt over year. He helms is no hbk but he had some good mathces in wcw with chavo and some great matches with matt hardy in 2006.

  • ox slang shoot

    haha thats so true sausage.. both get pcp from jeff

  • mytoastysausage

    This stuff by Helms explains why he and Matt Hardy are such the best of friends.

  • Jur

    Haha man. Helms is delusional.

  • for real ?

    helms is salty because instead of having a long lengendary career and retiring on your own terms going out as a future hall of famer, he got the can as a nobody in the wrestling business with probably the worst gimmick in history.

  • dont ask

    bet helms got released and shawn gave the idea after the altercation few months back