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WWE Star Posts Cryptic Tweet, TNA Requests WWE Superstar to Appear on DVD

– WWE Superstar Trent Baretta wrote the following cryptic message on Twitter last night after WrestleMania 28:

“This is the time of the year that you eat oysters until you realize that you don’t like oysters.”

Several fans responded and took it as Baretta complaining about his spot with the company.

– As noted before, TNA wanted WWE to mention them on the Hall of Fame ceremony in return for allowing Ric Flair to appear. WWE turned down that request but reportedly agreed to another one – a WWE talent appearing on a TNA DVD.

Details are sketchy right now but TNA wanted a WWE wrestler to come into their studio as a “talking head” and speak on one of their DVD releases. TNA asked for this in exchange for allowing Flair to appear on the WrestleMania 28 DVD.

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  • Pig

    Bastard Boogeyman, I assume your looking for a new man…but no I’m not that way.

    So go back to your little venom, suck on his nuts and enjoy your freedom to come out of the closet.

  • chronoxiong

    I wonder who will be the guy to talk on TNA’s DVDs.

  • Pig

    Dont you eat oyster to build virility?

    Trent Baretta is coming out of the closet. He can no longer eat oysters so he will show his true gay self.

    Expect a signing with TNA and on the road duties with Jason.

  • David

    @ charlse spears

    actually kevin nash is with WWE on a legends contract

  • MWDynomite

    @ Charles Spears Yes he is

  • Str0ldier

    I hope WWE sends Tyler Reks or Mike Chioda. That would be great

  • Charles Spears

    @ Sam Peters, Kevin Nash is no longer with the WWE.

  • Whooper

    Maybe he just doesn’t like oysters

  • scooter

    Has to be christian since he was “the guy” in TNA for a while

  • adam

    I’d say it wont be a Big star just because i doubt wwe would let anyone huge go over to help tna make money. Also did tna seriously think wwe would say oh yes you can say tna in the hall of fame. Even though the hall of fame part of his carer really had nothing to do with this version of tna. The nwa yes but nwa and tna have been apart for quit some time.

  • Wolfie

    Hahaha this just became my favorite article because even though we all already knew that Jason didn’t work for TNA this just proves it because of his comment on the Hall of Fame recap article. How does crow taste jackass??

  • Seth

    It will be Curt Hawkins, call it a tryout.

  • Sam Peters

    It will be an EX TNA Star

    Kevin Nash
    Booker T
    CM Punk

    my money would be on CM Punk

  • Ryan


  • Rob Buck

    Sounds fair. Wonder which WWE guy they are getting. Probably Triple h or somebody to talk on a kurt angle dvd. Or CM Punk on a Jeff Hardy or History of TNA DVD