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WWE Star Getting Re-packaged Soon, CM Punk Films Commercial, More

– WWE Champion CM Punk recently filmed a commercial for Combos snacks.

– Actor Kris Kristofferson’s son Jody is now working in WWE developmental under the name Garrett Dylan. He lost to Xavier Woods in a dark match at the August 9th NXT tapings.

– The 1000th RAW had 461,000 people or 11.7% of the total audience watching on DVR or tape delay, a higher number than usual.

– Triple H is pushing to get Michael McGillicutty re-packaged. Triple H is high on McGillicutty and Drew McIntyre as far as long-term potential goes.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Jon

    I think it could be a good storyline if he comes as the son of Perfect Joe Henning. Honestally I can see Damien Shadows in this too since he remind me of The Professor. He could be Mr Perfect of this century.

  • Dave S.

    Drew Mcintyre they ain’t released him yet?

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    The easiest thing to do would give him his dad gimmick! From there name him a heel. There can only be one Mr Prefect! 😉 (get it?)

  • Bill

    McGillicutty/Hennig rules! The name is important, but it’s the character he has that can make or break him.

  • Bobobobobo

    I thought they were going to do something with Drew with that whole being “fired” storyline with Teddy Long, but nothing ever happened with that. Why do they give up on Storylines just like that!

  • Valo487

    Would they give up on McIntyre already? How many times does he get to flop as a presence before we move on?

  • Matt

    The volume and positioning of WWE’s commercial breaks makes watching by DVR the only way I can get through watching their show

  • Sammo

    Michael McGillicutty is already 32 years old… if HHH sees potential in him I’d suggest pushing/repackaging him sooner rather than later!

  • SF

    As far as McIntyre goes I feel now is the time for Vicki Geurerro to leave Ziggler and be the voice for a new tag team of Drew and Swagger, as both are great in the ring but perhaps need a mouth to help them get over with the crowds.

  • Jimbo

    In Joe Hennig’s case, the apple fell a hundred miles from the tree.

  • TheSheepDog

    I say maybe another legacy esq stable? Drew, Hennig and lead by Santino, ok that im joking about, but lead by a figure head who can take them places.

  • Shawn

    Call him Hennig. I don’t give a damn what his first name is, just make sure his last name is Hennig. That sells. Fans are not stupid. Regarding McIntyre, he’s got the total package, but just doesn’t connect with the crowd (like Del Rio). At this point, I’m not sure what they can do with him.