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Former WWE Star Says He Was Screwed Out of the Tag Team Titles

– WWE Legend Jacque Rougeau spoke with Great North Wrestling about winning the WWF Tag Team Titles in Montreal back in the 80’s, which WWE has erased from history.

Jacques, along with his brother Raymond, defeated Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart at the Montreal Forum in front of 15,000 fans. The victory was reported in the newspapers and on news broadcasts in Montreal, but was never mentioned by the company on television.

“Three days later, they [WWE] changed the titles back [to the Hart Foundation]. They did a screwjob in Montreal. It was just for the fans that were there that night, it was like giving them candy… then on the TV show on the weekend, it was the Harts that were champions, and they never mentioned that we won the titles in Montreal. I think they should have never done it, because it kind of upset the people in Montreal.”

  • Matthew Farrell

    Just like when the Rockers won the titles from the Hart Foundation and WWE “erased” that title change.

  • Jason Lentini

    Not saying it’s not true but can “The Mountie” provide some type of proof of that ? How many people remember how The Brain Busters (former Four Horsemen members Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) lost the Tag Team titles to Demolition. Many times until they showed the taped TV event from West Virginia. Arn & Tully would come in to every show as the reigning champs and lose the titles every night. WWF/E caught a tone of heat for that just like when they caught alot of heat for someone winning the IC title but given one of the Tag Team belts because someone supposedly forgot to bring it out.

  • fgggdgdgeg

    It would have been easier to just have a rematch and have them lose the titles.