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WWE Star Suffers Injury at RAW, The Miz on Blue Peter, RAW Rating News

– Below is video of WWE Champion The Miz on Blue Peter in the UK this week:

– As noted before, this past Monday’s RAW scored a 3.13 rating. This makes it the lowest rated RAW since Valentine’s Day of this year.

– Santino Marella’s leg was banged up during the match with Sheamus at Monday’s RAW from London. A referee sent for an EMT but before they could get out there, Santino hopped to the back on one leg. The injury wasn’t enough to keep Santino off yesterday’s RAW live event in Cardiff, Wales, but he teamed up with Mark Henry and participated very little in the match.

  • Buttercastle

    You are confusing the term racist with the term uninteresting. At least Santino is fun to watch.

  • Wrestling Out Cast

    R Truth is an example of how racist This World of ours is. R Truth Can out Wrestle The MIZ, Alex Riley,Daniel Brian and Santino. but yet these are all the Superstars the WWE insists on Pushing. R Truth is LONG over due for a push.
    Michael Cole is an example of what the WWE is LOOKING for. Personality and that is why the MIZ is Champ, Personality

  • me

    everyone probably turned off after the opening promo

  • OR maybe because it was the fact it was taped already so people looked up what happened and decided not to watch it

  • U ain’t awesome

    I blame this on michael cole, nobody wants 2 hear or see him. Leave the heel work 2 the wrestlers.

  • adam

    i agree with everything rob said. Except miz is one of the top heel’s not shamus. Shamus is awesome and used very badly but he is a champion right now. The nexus thing when punk took over from the begining it was good but then splitting them up and making it the new nexus and the corre is were it got stupid.


    Yea but now they are pushing R-truth as a heel and not a face. So it’s ok to hate him now. But anyway I think the ratings were low simply because Rock wasn’t there.

  • rob

    ratings are low because wwe creative cant make up their mind on anything. CM Punk taking over NEXUS was absolutely random and to this day has no purpose, and further splitting it up, the only original member is Otunga. Orton is unbeatable and has no personality, Cena and Miz’s feud has no depth to it. and their only genuine heel ( sheamus )is working the mid card right now, and will likely job to Sin Cara who is still very green to the wwe ring right now.

    Also they are pushing R-truth of all people.

  • Thumper!

    Wow a 3.1? I wish I could see the look in Vinnie Mac’s face when he heard about this.