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- WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the history of the Buried Alive match.

- WWE officials weren’t pleased with the crowd reactions at last night’s RAW in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s two nights in a row as they were very down on the Hell In a Cell crowd in Atlanta on Sunday night.

- WWE Superstar Derrick Bateman underwent knee surgery earlier today. He posted the following photo on Twitter:

bateman surgery

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • poko

    If the WWE is blaming the crowds for not liking their product then we’re looking at a serious problem with their mindset. The customer is always right with regards to what they like. If you aren’t appealing to the customer then the burden is on you to change your product. That’s business 101. And, quite frankly, there wasn’t a lot to get excited about this past RAW.

  • Greggy

    Vicki vs hornswoggle buried alive match

  • chronoxiong

    Hard to cheer when the product sucks.

  • Zedd

    The reason the fans are for the Heels instead of the Faces is because the faces are always boring and smiling 247, look back at Austin, he never smiled and kicked ass, Faces nowadays don’t kick ass anymore.

  • http://facebook raysmith

    hey vince if you want a good reaction from the crowd,stop making it more predictable,and get rid of that pg era who’s with me

  • aaron

    Remember the last time the fans were really hot it was VKM vs. CM Punk I remember being on my feet for the end. People want to enjoy the WWE ether just don’t want garbage.

  • Jake

    Yeah WWE it’s also my fault that I don’t like you movies

  • Joshy


  • Joshy

    I think its because everyone was expecting ric flair.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    The Cena and Vikki angle is utterly stupid. Aj was fired for an inappropriate relationship. Vikki every time shes in charge was with somebody. Edge and Dolph. Do they realize that we remember past story lines.

  • sam

    3 hours is too long for an episode of raw plus the booking direction is not helping matters. its fine to do a PG show but if you dont have anything good creatively you wont get any reaction

  • muh boy

    and they shouldnt be. i have slept through the middle of raw like 3 weeks straight. say what you will about tna but at least i can stay awake through it.

  • fail

    Maybe they should edit in the crowd noises

  • Another John

    I’d understand if this was Thursday’s Impact Wrestling since they get tickets for free but hell if you’re gonna spend money on a WWE event you better make some noise.

  • Jimbo

    As long Vince McMahon books his showd like he’s playing with action figures, crowd reactions will continue to he poor.

  • Me

    I half agree with you, but Cesaro and Gabriel put on an amazing match at HIAC, and the crowd were dead for it, the only noise they made was to chant we want Ryder, so dissrespectful.

  • Bawb

    Well, perhaps they’re not entertained by the shit product you’re officiating.

    The more I think about it, I’d actually have Ryback as a heel. It would acknowledge the Goldberg chants/signs problem in a way that favors everyone: he tells off the fans and tries to prove why he is a beast and better than the legend. But he beats the crap out of people mercilessly, and probably to the benefit of Punk. Also, people seem to favor the heels these days, IMHO, because the faces have been so weak. I think people actually prefer the heels kicking the faces’ asses. Take Cena, for example.

  • Mark

    Well yes theres a reason for poor crowd reactions. The Pg product of the WWE. So much for a shake up and change. same old shit

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