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Former WWE Star Tells The Rock’s Critics To Shut Up, Clay Returning To Action

— Online reports have indicated that there are a number of disgruntled wrestlers within the WWE locker room upset with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stealing the spotlight at WrestleMania XXVIII. Former WWE star Lance Storm weighed in on the matter on Twitter and said the complainers need to “shut up.”

When asked about Johnson assuming the WrestleMania main event spot over a full-time worker, he wrote, “I got bumped off Mania 19 for Miller Light Girls anyone bitching about getting bumped down the card 4 THE ROCK needs to Shut up.”

— Brodus Clay, who has not competed inside a WWE ring since the February 7, 2012 SmackDown taping, returns to action at tonight’s Raw live event at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California.

Clay’s dancer Cameron Lynn tweeted, “Who is gonna b at the staple center tonight to see some WWE action ? Best part is u get to see yours truly…me and the funkasaurus.”

Online reports suggest Clay was removed from television due to Vince McMahon’s unhappiness with his ring work. Regarding said reports, writer Kevin Eck tweeted, “I have not seen the real reason reported anywhere.”

  • Nicholas

    @Drake F3lix they are not wrestling fans they are just plan old sick people. An trust me there are a lot more of them on the internet then you even want to know. This is why Pro Wrestlers hate the internet a bunch of loser talking a whole lot about nothing.

    Now on to The Rock the guy already had a match an prove. He more then ready for Wm 28. But to me the main event is not even The Rock vs John Cena. The second HHH vs Undertaker was agree to that became the Main Event. Now Io like The Rock vs Cena but they are not even in HHH or The Undertaker class.

  • Stuart “The Wrestling Guru”

    @ Bastion boogeyman

    Guess you think you’re a troll since I never mentioned you…Dumb ass

  • centerman

    Bastion boogeyman and kamala’s foot are Trolls perfecting their craft.

  • Drake F3lix

    I’m sick and tired of stupid people commenting about dead wrestlers. Show some damn respect. I don’t even know how you call yourselves a wrestling fan.

  • me

    and this year “the dude who beat up rhianna”

  • CC

    The simple fact is, WM has always had guests and over the top celebration type things which have always bumped talent off the roster.
    Snooky, Aki Bono, Floyd Mayweather etc etc etc etc etc
    At least in The Rocks case, he is an actual wrestler.

  • Stuart “The Wrestling Guru”

    Thanks for the nickname @Kamala’s foot, it has a rather nice ring to it! But people, seriously…think before you comment or maybe you cant help it cause you’re that handicapped like many of you have demonstrated here. They’re some good people in here who actually know what they are talking about like @Devils_Rising @sean mooney and so on, and to you people, keep commenting and keep intelligent wrestling conversation alive, ignore the “trolls” and let them talk amongst their selves.

  • chronoxiong

    I forgot about what happened to Lance Storm. He has a point. Hahaha…That one match with the Miller Lite Girls was lame.

  • MJ

    Lance strom never had a match and he was atleast over with the crowd. I might get alot of dislikes by this but i think Dolph ziggler is one of those who are bitching. He’s not even over with the crowd he needs vickie gurerreo to get heel heat.

  • did my homework

    @Kris actually wrestlers get a bonus for appearing on PPVs and Wrestlemania especially is known to be a big payday. Thats why they try and get as many wrestlers on the card as possible and typically do the pre event battle royal to spread it around a bit. The higher grossing the event the bigger the bonus. So it does benifit those on the card

  • Cameron forgot to say Naomi, I smell a feud coming.

  • Kris

    @ sean mooney they wont make any more money unless they are one of the few that actually has a merchandise clause in his contract.Otherwise they make set amounts

  • voice of reason

    @ stuart i couldnt agree more especially with your first point

  • Best in the world

    Please, people. Do not feed the troll. That is all.

  • kamala’s foot

    Last time I saw The Rock in the ring. I got him mixed up with Rikishi.

  • Bill

    The Rock isn’t out of shape. Guy like Matt Hardy, Big Dick Johnson, & Brodus Clay are out of shape.

  • kamala’s foot

    Oh, no! Everybody, Stuart “The Wrestling Guru’ is here. looks like LeBron needs to sit on the bench.

  • Stuart

    @ Kamala’s foot (which is extremley disrespectful name btw) You sir are what they call…an idiot. The notion of The Rock being out of shape is like saying LeBron James needs to sit on the bench cause hes lost his skill.

  • kamala’s foot

    The rock hasn’t done anything on tv yet because he is not in good shape. He needs to hit the gym.

  • venom


    I agree this Wrestlemania is going to make so much money and it’s all because of The Rock.

  • Sean Mooney

    This will no doubt be the highest grossing PPV in WWE history, and a lot of that credit will deservedly go to the Rock. He will significantly increase the PPV buy-rates, and everybody on the card will get a lot more money because of it. I don’t see why people would be complaining, they should be hoping Austin has one more match at Wrestlemania 29 to possibly top Wrestlemania 28.

    The ENTIRE locker-room should have been hating on Cole taking up time (way too much by the way) at last Wrestlemania. They wasted 15-20 minutes on Cole when they could have had another match or added more time to the main events. Cole also took up a Royal Rumble spot this year. Cole didn’t bring in any viewers at WM27, and he was a complete waste. Cole/Lawler probably shouldn’t have even been on any PPV, let alone Wrestlemania. Hate on WWE booking Cole last year, not WWE negotiating with the Rock to come back and main event a Wrestlemania. It’s a win/win for the wrestlers on the card and the fans.

  • Devil_Rising

    The man makes a good point. Lance Storm never got to have an official WM match…..because of the fucking Miller Lite Girls……….

    Good going Vince.