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WWE Star Wears a Hoodie for Trayvon Martin, Slater Has Words for Flo Rida

– Heath Slater wrote the following on Twitter Wednesday about his WrestleMania 28 segment with rapper Flo Rida:

“I would beat up @official_flo he is a cheap shot artist. If its 1 on 1 he has no chance… He didn’t do nothing.. but throw a cheap shot.. #WrestleMania was Great and if @official_flo puts his hands on me again there will be Hell to pay…”

– WWE star Titus O’Neil wore a hoodie on this week’s episode of NXT for the Trayvon Martin shooting that has been in the media lately. Titus told WWE’s website:

“The hoodie symbolizes my support of justice being served in the Trayvon Martin case. As a father of two – whether I’m a good guy or a bad buy in WWE – I’m a father. I can definitely understand the value of our children. I wore the hoodie in support of Martin’s family, as families around the world have done.”

  • rko

    jbrd – Everything seems to indicate martin assaulted zimmerman first. Assault is assault. Following someone does not give the person being followed the authority to assault his follower legally. When you understand that maybe you’ll see things differently.

    Big T – Thank you.

  • PowerToThePeople

    CNN had to backtrack on their claim that Zimmerman used Racist Comments, while calling 911. ABC and NBC BOTH edited the tapes they showed. So any action outside Prayers for BOTH Families, till the FACTS come out in Full, is foolish and short-sided.

  • Big T

    @ Devil Rising I thought you had a brain in your head. Just a bunch of white boys feelin guilty about being white? Just because these guys are calling Bullshit doesn’t mean they are racist!

  • Big T

    Some of you guys are fucking stupid!

    A. This was not a race issue till “civil rights” leaders made it an issue to profit from it. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not help us black people anymore, they are profiteers!

    B. The hoodie is a stupid symbol because it doesn’t represent anything.

    C. There is a reason why Zimmerman wasn’t arrested initially and it is prudent to let the legal process run its course.

    D. Did I mention that some of you guys are fucking stupid?

  • Buttercastle

    @kitrock if there was a term for being racist towards idiots like you, that’s what I’d be.

  • Jbrd

    @rko I watch all news,and yes it’s very obvious you get your “news” from RWing sources.No matter what evidence comes out you’re going to try,and spin it with their talking points.Btw,how was Trayvon a thug for standing his ground?As you said Zimmerman was pursuing him,and 911 dispatch told him Zimmerman not to follow him..Ps.I’m done
    here,I’m tired of getting in a pissing match with somebody who will twist,and spin the facts.Ltr.

  • rko

    jbrd – Why did you leave out the part about him doing work in the black community? Did that escape your notice? There you go making assumptions I watch fox news. Let me guess you watch cnn and msnbc? Even worse! You are clueless. Why don’t you update yourself on the story your so eager to throw convictions on and get back to me. abc came out and admitted to fixing the video to show no scars. The updated video confirmed by an fbi employee shows he had a big gash on the back of his head. No I don’t have my mind made up, but as the evidence comes out the smoke begins to clear and it becomes easier to see what transpired.

  • heyfit

    For those of you who dislike my previous comment, you all are RACIST just like Vince McMahon.

  • Jbrd

    @ rko,Who cares if Zimmerman is half Hispanic?Are trying to say Bi racial people can’t be racist?Effing face palm..Have you seen the video of Zimmerman?not a scratch on him.Apparently you’ve got your mind made up,and no matter what evidence comes out against Zimmerman you’ll never accept it.Btw take off your political blinders,you Faux Kool aid drinker.

  • rko

    @jrbd – hello zimmerman is not even white. He even was active in the black community. There goes your racist thug argument.

    @ devil rising – you lose the argument when you start calling people racist. The law has nothing to do with the outcome. You think in the heat of the moment zimmerman said “yeah i’m gonna shoot someone and get away with it because I can?” Are you that naive? Give me a break. If your head was being pounded into the cement(which there is evidence) at the probability of brain damage you wouldn’t shoot a thug with your own legal weapon to prevent from ending up a vegetable? What if the the thug was trying to reach for his gun, you wouldn’t shoot the guy if he was trying to kill you with your own gun? Hell no, I don’t believe you let him kill you with your own legal weapon. I doubt Zimmerman’s intent was to kill him. Do yourself a favor and get your head out of you know where. The fact is the liberal msm has sucked you in. That makes you a sucker.

  • kitkrock

    Vince McMahon supports the killing of black people because he is racist.
    Look at all the blacks he’s demoted: Ron Simmons, DeVon Dudley, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, R The Truth Killings, etc etc

    And let’s forget about what he did to the Japanese wrestlers. Hell, he’s even made a WHITE guy portray a Japanese guy (Lord Tensai).

  • JOE

    ^^^^^yes because “thugs” wear aeropostale. Please shut the fuck up!!!

  • Zane

    Titus is an idiot sticking up for mindless thugs like himself, seriously what is wrong with that fool.

  • Devil_Rising


    You can’t rationalize or reason with racist clowns. He probably thinks Zimmerman was being “pounded into the pavement by this huge black thug and did what he had to to protect himself”, even though that is the furthest thing from what actually occurred.

    @rko By the way, genius, the hoodie is symbolic of the movement for Justice in this Trayvon issue, it’s not a race issue, it’s an issue of murder. Murder that has thus far gone unpunished because of a moronic “Stand Your Ground” law that makes it easier than ever to get away with shooting someone, so long as you “Felt threatened”. Do some actually research, as it helps to know what the fuck you’re talking about. You and people like you are the ones who need to “wake up”.

  • Jbrd

    Go pound sand rko..Zimmerman was the racist thug,that shot an innocent teen.
    Btw,take you own advice,and wake up.

  • rko

    Titus is an idiot. I wonder if he knows a guy wearing a hoodie raped a disabled woman in her apartment in san francisco recently. This whole hoodie deal is retarded. It doesn’t represent anything sacred. The fact is that Trayvon Martin was a thug who assaulted the guy pursuing him. He got shot as a result of his assault. Will the idiots of america wake up.

  • heyfit

    Titus O’Neil should be on the main roster and be the US or IC champion and have a feud with SHOWTIME Percy Watson.

  • BlaH

    Big ups to O’Neil for that one