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WWE Star Welcoming Child, Mysterio Hoping for MITB, Maria Video, The Miz

– Below is the latest Prodigy Service Announcement with ROH wrestler Mike Bennett and his girlfriend Maria Kanellis:

– WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase Jr. and his wife are expecting their first child on May 30th.

– The Will Ferrell comedy featuring an appearance by WWE Superstar The Miz has been re-named to The Campaign. It will be released on August 10th.

– Rey Mysterio spoke with WDFN Radio in Detroit and said his main goal right now is to make it back in the ring by WrestleMania 28. Mysterio added that he would like to be in the Money in the Bank match, if there is one, and said he’s up for a match against Sin Cara if his knee is ready and if he can move the way he usually does.

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  • shorty

    I have respect for wrestling I have been a fan of wrestling wcw wwe
    wince 1987 since I was 19 years old I have respect for the wrestlers of wwe impact wrestling,But what these wrestlers do is a job it is a business, business and relationships dont mix together. I think relationships should be kept outside of on the job. Maria Kanellis is a every day person like you and me she is not god, she is just a ordinally person like all of us when she is in ROH she is playing a character on ROH Tv when shes out of character she is a everyday person like all of us so for those who were rude to me on the message board do not judge me you all dont know me maybe i explained things wrong and I am sorry. but I am just saying how I feel


    Congratulations on growing DiBiase legacy lol give me a break besides million dollar man they all suck and Teddy jr was worst his character of carrying million dollar belt was awful not story his promos and performance dam you think coming from a “rich” family you’d have got better training and lets try keep new born away from ring unless it jumps a generation lol

  • JIR

    @Bill correct me if I am wrong but you are asking if it will be a boy will they name him Ted DiBiase III
    cause I read something completely different

  • Bill

    This may sound really dumb, but do you think Ted DiBiase III is gonna be born?

  • Austin

    Me and ROH have the same birthday!

  • Stashathan

    Yea Shorty
    Shut Your Mouth

  • Chris

    Shorty if you are a real fan of pro wrestling then you would at least show respect to all wrestling promotions and wrestlers. There is more out there then just WWE or TNA you know…

  • shorty

    congratuations to Ted Diabiase and his wife on expecting their first baby that is very nice news

  • shorty

    who cares about roh who cares about mike bennett and his girlfriend
    Maria Kanellis the firt Lady of ROH NO ONE CARES OR COULD CARE LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maria Kanellis was ditzy in wwe and she is now ditzy in roh enough already

  • Jon

    Congats to the DiBiase family. Continuing to grow the Legacy. Rey wouldn’t worry about MITB more than your relations with WWE .

  • Logan

    Congrats Ted!

    And don’t rush yourself Rey, just take your time and heal.