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Former WWE Star Working As A Hair Stylist, Scott Hall Resurfaces At Indy Show

– Sean Christopher Haire, who appeared for World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling as a Sean O’Haire, is now trying his hand at a new profession: hair styling.

The South Magazine conducted an interview with the three-time WCW World Tag Team Champion regarding his endeavor and notes in an article, “Two or three times during our interview, Haire says something cool and outside the window, perfectly timed lightning shatters the sky. Some people have a flair for the dramatic. Which is one of the reasons he plans to make a great hair stylist.”

The interview is featured in their fifth annual “Power Professional” issue, and Haire is on the cover with the headline reading: “Sean Haire: When The Devil Came Down To Georgia.” During the interview, he recalls his life story as he discusses his history as a fighter, long-abandoned professional wrestling personas including Sean O’Haire and “the never-quite-finalized Devil’s Advocate,” his partially reconstructed and reinforced titanium jaw and orbital socket, the National Kodak Medallion of Excellence award he won for photography in high school, fighting a K-1 kickboxing champion and not knowing it, his boxing stint in New Jersey, stories involving “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, two marriages, two divorces, professional mountain biking, his girlfriend of four years and “enough WCW/WWE name-dropping to deeply entertain a writer who grew up watching scrambled WrestleManias on pay-per-view.”

– Scott Hall appeared at Friday’s I Believe in Wrestling event in Orlando, Florida as he managed son Cody Hall in his victory over Derek Ryze.

  • voice of reason

    i honestly thought it was either rico of kwee wee

  • My Morning Jacket

    Sean O’Haire….thought he was doing MMA. Goes from 2000 Rookie of the Year, Seanton Bombs and a pretty cool reverse DVD to….hair styling. Whatever makes ya happy brah good luck at it.

  • KingAlbert

    gay as aids, i knew he was a pillow biter.

  • Mr. Wrestling

    “Angelina Love Appears At Fetish Show” it says in the internet address but talks about Scott Hall instead. I wanna hear about AL fetishes!

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I thought it would be Rico.

  • Sammo

    Every extra week that Scott Hall is alive is a bonus for him!

  • Allo

    Say hello to the bad guy!

  • blah

    are you here to see w c w?

  • Sean O hair – had to be said lame!

  • Bill

    Well, this article was weird.