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WWE Star Still Working Injured, Latest WWE Download, More

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler:

– Former WWE Diva announcer Lauren C. Mayhew has a role in the movie “Sprawl” that hits theaters in 2013.

– WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro continents to work with a broken bone in his hand.

  • ashterk

    @ billbo and nick wth? This went from being about wrestling to jus an argument btw 2 fans.

    I give it to Cesaro…. dude has fought thru worse I’ve seen some of his matches on the indie scene. From the looks of some his matches a broken hand is lik a scratch.

  • nick

    no im sure its to do with the dildos you shove up your ass and than suck on them

  • Billbo

    Billbo Baggins you dumb shit. It’s a pun.

  • dpaquin


  • Nick

    billbo’s your name?
    is it suposed to ryhme with your fav toy? a dildo?

  • Billbo

    Yeah, God forbid you break your hand, then how can you every post on these comment sections all day long!?

  • Nick

    a broken bone in a hand…wow so crazy to hear.