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WWE Star Works as Heel, More on Beth Leaving WWE, Kelly

– Kelly Kelly is expected to be back full-time with WWE at some point this year.

– Ted DiBiase worked in the heel role at Sunday’s SmackDown live event in London, Ontario, Canada. He lost to Kofi Kingston. DiBiase caught a dropkick early in the match, which caused his nose to be busted open.

– As noted before, Beth Phoenix is expected to leave WWE by the end of October. There’s a rumor going around that she’s looking to do some acting. Apparently Beth leaving WWE is something that she has been thinking about for a while now. Beth is believed to be leaving WWE on good terms.

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  • art

    Kelly should leave like she wants to but can’t because no one will give her modeling jobs/acting roles because she has the same clueless skank look all the time….

  • Albert

    Wait so since shes coming back full time, does it mean that she might have attacked kaitlyn????? hhhhhmmmm

  • cheesehandler


    DiBiase turned heel in sarnia on saturday….sorry london but you just watched what sarnia already watched

  • Mizzle

    Well Beth probably would make a good action star. She’d definatley be better than Gina Carano ffs.

  • sean

    wow she wants to be an actor nobody saw this coming huh rock, austin,

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    @ Macho Madness
    What do you expect bro?It comes with the territory,its what THEY(WWE)do best! Get rid of the ones with in-ring skills and keep the posers that only hair-pull, slap-ass, and yell in the ring constantly.

  • Macho Madness

    I don’t give a fuck about Kelly Kelly or if she comes back, no talent, all eye candy. Ironically Beth has both talent and eye candy, WWE will lose out if she goes, bad enough we never got a Beth vs. Kharma match but now with both gone, female “talent” continues to dwindle.

  • cc

    Wrestling Edge: Kelly Kelly will be leaving WWE
    Wrestling Edge: Kelly Kelly will be staying part time.
    Wrestling Edge: Kelly Kelly will be returning full time this year.

    Yep, sure hedged their bets on the reporting over the last few months.

  • KingAlbert

    I don’t give a fuck about Beth or if she leaves.