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WWE Star Yoshi Tatsu Not Happy with His Spot and Other Incidents?

– A series of blogs credited to WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu were published earlier this week on a website. The blogs appear in Japanese but a rough translation to English makes it sound like Tatsu is unhappy with some things in WWE.

Tatsu referenced the 2011 earthquake in Japan that was such a tragedy. Tatsu apparently wanted to raise the Japanese flag in support as he competed in the WrestleMania 27 pre-show battle royal but was not allowed by company officials. Yoshi also wanted to travel with WWE to Japan to help earthquake victims but was not allowed to because it was a RAW tour and he was on the SmackDown roster.

The series of blogs is titled “10 Issues” and that apparently refers to Tatsu’s gripes with his position in the company and other topics he had to get off his chest. The translation is very rough but Tatsu also talks about not being happy with his spot in WWE but says he is not critical of them, he just needed to get some things off his chest.

The blog is linked on the main page of the official WWE Japan website so it appears to be legit. The blogs were published on July 27th but Tatsu has not commented on them or referenced them through his Twitter page.

  • yofits

    I told you all VINCE MCMAHON is RACIST!

    look at all the japanese & black wrestlers he’s ruined: Ultiomo dragon, Jimmy Yang, Taka, Faarooq, Shelton Benjamin, Ron Killings, Percy Watson, etc etc


    Yoshi Tatsu is a very talented wrestler and needs a push and soon will end up like Dolph Ziggler, a really good, well known wrestler, WWE needs to stop feeding Yoshi Tatsu and other talented wrestlers to jobbers and if i was Yoshi Tatsu i would of grabbed the flag and took it there to respresent the country he is from i need weither WWE likes it or not and if they don’t like it and fire Yoshi Tatsu for that then Yoshi Tatsu should be like to the WWE “Yeah?, well screw you guys cause i am heading to TNA with the rest of the good non jobber wrestlers and am sick of being in a wrestling company full of jobber wrestlers and heading to a wrestling company where they will use me for better use and not for fighting jobber wrestlers in this jobber wrestling company”.

    I wish Yoshi Tatsu luck in the future and if he keeps getting mistreated by WWE i suggest he heads to TNA where the real talented wrestlers are so he can finally get used and go up in the wrestling ladder like Dolph Ziggler did in WWE.

  • Matt

    Nice, Tyler. All of Yoshi’s little gripes can be explained by one fact. He sucks. He’s not good. Could he be good? Maybe – but he isn’t. The first thing you need to do is look at a guy an believe he can win a match. I look at Yoshi and I believe he’s a corny ass jobber with goofy hair. He’s a caricature of a Japenese wrestler. That is why he sucks.

  • Tyler(:

    I guess they’re also prejudice against England? bad treatment of William Regal and no english main-eventers.

    Oh hell, any non-American in WWE who doesn’t get his way, or released must be WWE’s way of “hating” on their Nationality.

    The make-it-look-logical-although-obvious-insult-towards-WWE comments are so common nowadays here, it’s funny. ( And before you come in with the WWE fanboy comments, I only watch NXT and read the rest online ).

  • D1

    Dave why would the rep Steamboat’s Japanese heritage more than they did? He is American. Not every black guy is going to want his persona based on the fact that he has an African heritage so why would Steamboat be any different? It’s a person’s personal preference on how much they relate to their ancestry and want to reference it. Not to mention that the NWA didn’t push his Japanese heritage either.

    Regarding Ultimo Dragon, he definitely is one of the all time greats. But his in ring performance in WWE was average at best. He has gone on record before saying the same thing. WWE isn’t 100% to blame for his stint not being a success. With that said, WWE does have a history of repackaging established foreign stars and completely disregarding their past accomplishments. For all the flack it got for being a Southern company WCW did a far better job utilizing international wrestlers.

  • chronoxiong

    It’s obvious Vince has no desires to see an Asian male/female succeed in his company. That’s why Gail Kim left. I like Tatsu but I know that he will never be given the chance to shine. If there’s one thing I don’t like about Vince, it’s that he is not being fair on all races.

  • Jim

    Devil_Rising – Keep it coming. Couldn’t agree more.

    Thats disgusting they wouldn’t let him go to Japan on tour or carry the flag. They promote Be A Star in fact shove it down our throats and yet pull shit like this. They should be telling the kids that bullying is wrong as a child but acceptable as an adult because the WWE do a lot of that.

  • Dave

    And don’t forget that they used to bill Ricky Steamboat as being from Hawaii. No mention of his Japanese heritage.

  • devil rising the Third

    Dad (Devil rising jr) Grandma called n sez get ur ass back to school ya fucktard n stop setting a bad example to me… oh n grandad sez “step off his dick, man”

  • Devil Rising Jr

    Dad , you talk too much. This isnt a blog you old man. Tatsu should just quit. **** Triple H

  • SYM

    @misfit del rio theres 2 Nicks. The lowercase nick, and the Tyson Kidd Nick.

  • misfit del rio

    @ King, it’s Nick. He never has anything relevant or positve to say, unless its his creepy borderline homosexual affenity for Tyson Kidd. Ignore him and you’ll be alright

  • King


    why is that because he speaks the fucking TRUTH??? hes 110% right what he said..he happens to be a REAL FAN & knows his shit & happens to love & respect the business…not saying u arent a real fan but hes right about this

  • nick

    @ devil rising, you have entirely too much time on your hands to write a blog this long, wtf?? you need to go wack off or something else to spend your time.

  • Devil_Rising

    I wouldn’t be happy with my spot in the company if I were Tatsu either. All he’s done since he joined, was be on their “C” shows, like ECW, NXT, Superstars. He’s rarely ever on the big two, and if he is, it’s a squash match. And them not letting him go with them to Japan to honor his country? Or not letting him carry his flag to the ring? What kind of bullshit is that? I hate to say it, but if I were him, I’d just quit.

    The worst example, by far, though, is what they did to Ultimo Dragon. They should have pushed that guy to the fucking MOON. We’re talking about a guy who is a LEGEND worldwide, except in the US, because in the US, the most he ever got, was a few good cruiserweight feuds in WCW. And then he suffered what was supposed to be a career-ending injury. But in Mexico, Japan, pretty much everywhere else, he’s recognized as one of the best. And he is. WWE even wasted time and money to hype him up as if he were going to be a huge deal, easily as big as Rey. And then when he gets to Smackdown? Apparently Vince realizes “HEY, we don’t need TWO masked guys”, and so Ultimo gets stuck on Velocity most of the time, for no goddamn reason.

    They easily should have had another Mysterio/Dragon feud, and he absolutely should have had a run with the CW title. But beyond that, I mean if you really want to go there, Ultimo Dragon was good enough that they easily could have kept him around, and pushed him as a main event level star. He’s huge in Mexico, he’s huge in Japan, and he could have been huge for them in the U.S. too. The guy speaks fluent Spanish and English, for christ’s sake. But hey….what do I know that the WWE doesn’t, right?

    Honestly though, if you look at it, what MAJOR American promotions have ever really pushed Japanese wrestlers as main eventers? None. Yokozuna was Samoan. WCW briefly made The Great Muta NWA World Heavyweight Champion, but only in Japan, and only because they had a cross promotion going on at the time with New Japan. When Muta was in the states, he wasn’t really treated all that seriously, not for long. Any other Japanese wrestlers WCW had, were in the cruiserweight division. Even ECW, yeah they had Tajiri, and late in their life he was heavily featured, but he was still never a main eventer, never won the ECW World Title. And WWF?

    Outside of Ricky Steamboat, who is half-white, I’m not sure they’ve ever even had any Japanese win the IC title. In fact, Steamboat is the closest, but he’s born and raised American. Meaning no native Japanese wrestlers have ever TRULY been pushed in the United States, that I’m aware of.

    Some new promotion like Dragon Gate USA doesn’t count, because it’s based on a Japanese promotion, and works closely with it, in the first place. It’s too bad really, and needs to change, because Japan has always consistently produced some of the best wrestlers on earth.

  • SYM

    Really the misuse of Japanese Wrestlers in WWE is crazy, and kinda getting me thinking that they are prejudice towards japanese competitors. They have Tensai abuse Sakamoto, they fired like 3 Japanese developemental talents earlier this year, and now this Yoshi Tatsu situation. Like the direspect towards Asian wrestlers in WWE is ridiculous.