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WWE Stars on Advice from Mom, WWE Looks at Ridiculous WCW Moments

– WWE published an article looking at the “20 ridiculous WCW moments you may have missed.” Some of the angles include Hulk Hogan seeing The Ultimate Warrior’s reflection in his mirror, Ric Flair being sent to a mental hospital, Raven taking Kanyon shopping at Versace and Jimmy Hart battling radio shock jock Mancow on pay-per-view.

– WWE partnered with Susan G. Komen to present the latest episode of WWE Inbox:

  • The Killswitch

    I’m sure people don’t watch the show just so they can moan about it. I, like others, watch it in spite of its flaws for the positives, and for the hope that it improves.

  • Tracy Durham

    You are right everyone is entitled to there opinion, But I fail to understand why if they hate the product so much, they continue to watch it week in and week out.

  • The Killswitch

    Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion. Vince may not be reading through these comments, so it’s highly unlikely anything we say will influence the show. However, changing the channel and keeping our thoughts and grievances to ourselves accomplishes even less.

  • Tracy Durham

    I come to this sight everyday to get the latest wrestling news. I love wrestling edge.
    Then I scroll down to the comment section and all I see is post bashing WWE. Well the solution is simple, Don’t like it then change the damn channel and stop bitching and moaning like little 3yr olds.

  • MrNeutron

    A lot of those stupid moments, are pretty stupid, and way more entertaining the pretty much everything we get from WWE today.

  • Shawn Bronald

    The funny thing is that WWE has done just as stupid things as WCW did…. only recently! They don’t learn from history. The entire article is very ironic, if you ask me. They chastise WCW for making fun of JR’s Bell’s Palsy, yet Vince has done it on numerous occasions. The mock WCW for having the nWo run over Sid’s limo and say, “Wow, no one called the cops.” Uh….. Brock Lesnar just broke into WWE’s Headquarters and trashed a top executive’s office and, guess what…. no one called the cops! Ultimately, WWE has had way more ridiculous moments recently than WCW had in it’s entire existence, and I’m counting stupid moments such as Robocop, Chuckie and the Taskmaster.