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– On Twitter, a few WWE stars have given their thoughts regarding this week’s tri-branded WWE Divas trade. Here are a few comments:

* The Bella Twins on being moved back to RAW: “And yes we’re back on RAW! We’re very excited! We’ll miss ECW! :) Peace Love & Twins! Besos! B&N”

* Eve Torres on being moved to RAW: “Thx for all your comments! Of course , I am going to miss my Blue Crew like crazy, but I’m excited about the opportunity in my new home…”

“That’s right!… You can now find me on Monday Night Raw… Goodbye SmackDown! *Tear*”

“I’ma miss my boys @ShadBeast & @JTG1284 … But something tells me they’ll be fine without me! ;-( Who’s going to keep Natalya away?”

* JTG’s reaction to Eve moving to RAW: “I miss my homegirl already, I miss you @evemarietorres.”

* Chris Jericho’s reaction to JTG’s reaction to Eve leaving SmackDown: “cry me a river bee-yotch…”

* Layla on her friends moving to RAW: “Gd morning…workout time! Goodluck to @evemarietorres @thebellatwins I will Miss Ya Lots!!’

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