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Several WWE Stars Comment on The Usos, Christina Returns to WWE’s FCW

– Christina Crawford, who was feautured on WWE Tough Enough, returned to FCW last Wednesday night. Christina teamed with new FCW Diva Irena Janjic and lost to the team of Sonia and Audrey Maria.

– For some reason, several WWE stars commented on The Usos this weekend on Twitter. Here are some comments:

Jim Ross: “Watching SD on UniversalHD. Usos impressed. Showing more fire. Hope tag teams can establish rivalries as time goes on.”

John Cena: “CeNation. Getting many questions about my thoughts on Usos. They are gifted athletes and have not even begun to show the WWE how gr8 they R”

Tyson Kidd: “Speaking of talent-what are thoughts on Uso’s ring entrance? These guys have it all”

CM Punk: “Usos doing a Haka on my TV is pro wrestling. It’s right. It feels good. Also happens to be entertaining. Funny how that works, eh?”

  • Jonesy

    Two Samoans doing a maori haka haha thats classic. Btw not being a racist as im part maori.Highly doubt many people on this site would know what that is.

  • Chryogenos

    Rikishi has to calm down
    John Cena didn’t main evented with the WWE championship in his first year with the WWE
    So there are slowly being pushed, like the other talent

  • bigboi

    I for one think the Usos are very talented… hopefully they will develop into an outstanding tag team… that is if WWE doesn’t break them up first

  • Adrian

    Uso’s are okay at best. I’d say Justin And Heath have a lot more potential. Rikishi has just been bitching that the uso’s haven’t been used correctly, But I don’t really care about them.

  • Myers

    I did like them a little more when I saw that. Now, how long til they are broken up is the question.

  • renz

    haha qual comment from punk. its tru every1 loved it and it makes then stick out for sure! to the point where ppl cant wait for them to come out and do the haka much like the NZ rugby team


    Gotta love punks cheap shot at wwe