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WWE Stars Dealing with Injuries, Next Week’s Go-Home RAW, Lance Hoyt

– Total Championship Wrestling out of Austin, Texas announced this weekend that they have signed former WWE and TNA star Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer) to a contract for him to be a full-time roster member.

– The Great Khali and Kane are said to be banged up and hurting a lot lately. Khali’s mobility as of late has been bad while Kane is hurting but not letting it effect his in-ring work. NXT Rookie Conor O’Brian, before being eliminated, was nursing a knee injury. He had ice on his knee a lot at last week’s WWE TV tapings.

– A confrontation between CM Punk, Vince McMahon and John Cena is scheduled for next week’s RAW from Boston, Massachusetts. This will be the go-home show for Money in the Bank the next week.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • IrishRhyno

    I agree with what you said but Im not sure Vince will just hand Del Rio MITB.I think Vince will just come out and say that Del Rio is getting his wwe title match against punk ‘right now’.
    That way if wwe needs it they can stil have a raw superstar holding MITB.

  • venom

    The Great Khali should retire at this point. He is hurt? He hasn’t been doing anything.


    WWE has been PG for the last two years and Cena has been stale for a while. Sorry it took you so long to realize that.

  • Bill

    @CC, remember when Cena was “fired” by Nexus? The same thing could happen here, but I’m saying this will happen. Guy like Rey Mysterio wins MITB, but Vince says Del Rio won the triple threat from July 4th Raw, so ADR is awarded the MITB. Punk beats Cena, then Vince screws Punk & has Del Rio cash in. Cena doesn’t get “fired” since Punk didn’t walk out with the title, & we get Cena vs. Del Rio at SS, & CM Punk leaves WWE(hopefully not permanently). I’m still ordering MITB on PPV.

  • Jesse

    i assume khali was pretty limber when he was a cop in india or whever hes from


    “Khali’s mobility as of late has been bad”…. When the hell was Khali’s mobility ever good???!!!

  • nick

    The face off on raw will b predictable as always, but at MITB vince will turn on Cena, giving punk the belt and firing Cena, making punk the Uber heel and protected with vince in control and nexus as bk up. Punk ain’t going anywere and this would give the “attitude era” appeal every1 wants.

    Don’t believe me, but why is punk on raw for a scit with vince and Cena, wen his agreement was to keep him off tv till MITB

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    @CC. I completely agree.

    Do you all remember the Nexus angle? When the nxt rookies of season one first came in invaded and destroyed everything and i remember most of us were excited to see something new happen? but then eventually after a few months the storyline was completely ruined and ended up being predictable, boring, and another push for Cena furthering him as being Super Cena, i.e. DDT on cement floor but still winning the match and later burying the career of Wade Barrett who is basically a nobody right now after being in main events a year ago and yet Cena is still in the main event and WWE champion where nothing has changed.

    I can definitely see this happening with this storyline. I can see Punk coming out with a strong shoot(Like he did) and getting everyone hyped up about the PPV and making the fans question whether Cena will actually win at the PPV. Also they add cheap stipulations to the match such as Cena will be fired but we all know that wont ever happen. And after all these obstacles and barriers and shoots and promo’s that are against Cena, he will overcome it all and win and come out looking like another Hero. Its basically another storyline to further John Cena as being a super hero.

    We all dont want to believe it and are hoping that things will be different, but we all know that right now the WWE has Del Rio vs Cena for Summerslam which means this storyline probably wont go that far. Even if Punk doesnt leave, John Cena vs Del Rio is still what WWE plans for, which means Punk won’t be in the main event and probably have some boring and stale fued as if none of this ever happened.

    Also since Cena and Del Rio is penciled in for summerslam, that ends speculation for those who believe that theres a possibilty of Cena turning heel at MITB, because obviously Del Rio will be the Heel and Cena will be the face.

    Also Cena vs The Rock is a definitive match and seems like it will be for the WWE title so we also know Cena wont be going away from the spotlight anytime soon.

    I hope I am wrong but i doubt it, most of the evidence seems to direct its way to the notion that nothing new will come from this storyline and Super Cena will be Super Cena and WWE will remain a PG stale show.

  • mark

    Dan – great wot cos i think the WWE product has gone all wrong u want me to jump off a cliff. fucking idiot !!!! I have always watched WWE but they have taken the wrong direction by going PG and also there has been a mass exodus of wrestlers in the last few yrs. some of the storylines have been terrible. there is too much reliance on Cena who I like but hes getting very stale.

  • dan

    @mark… your a dick.. jump of a cliff

  • Paul Heyman

    You will see the return of the most powerful and dominant group in the world nWo which will consist of Big Show, X-Pac, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Booker T. Debut of the Stamford City Sex Guns – Evan Bourne & Justin Gabriel. The debut of Perfection of Sexiness – Billy ‘ass’ Gunn & Dolph Ziggler.

  • CC

    @Bill. While the initial hype surrounding the Punk promo and his suspension were exciting, last nights Cena/McMahon face off really set this storyline back to the same old same old.
    We all know there is no way Cena will be fired, so there will obviously be either a win for Cena (as per usual), he loses then MITB is cashed in, saving Cena from being fired (I am sure they will be able to argue that although he lost, Punk did not leave with the title), or we get another shitty angle like last time Cena was “fired” where he stayed off tv for zero weeks, then was rehired.

    All this angle is now doing is giving Cena even more of a push by having him be this freedom of speech hero.

    On top of this, you can probably see potential for a lot of interference in this match, with the Cena hating wrestlers trying to cost him the match so he will be fired.

    I hope to god they can come up with something new and non-predictable, but I can honestly only see this as being yet another way of pushing Cena as Superman.

  • Paul Heyman

    I am returning to the WWE for the BOOM V2.0 era which reincarnates WCW and Mr Vincent K.McMahon has asked me to be the owner of WCW for half the price of WWE. CM Punk is coming over to WCW as the face of WCW V2.0 and a nation of domination stable is being planned to give WWE an old feel of the 90’s.

  • Bleh


    If you don’t care anymore why are you even posting? I would think that if you didn’t give a crap about what happens in wwe that you would skip any topics that involved them, but instead here you are…….

  • really!

    interesting to see if Cena gets the bigger pop or not since he is from Mass

  • Bill

    @mark, you don’t think this Punk storyline is exciting?

  • mark

    I really gone past caring wot happens in the WWE anymore. so much so I will stop watching until raw and smackdown until the product really does get a grip.

  • Myers

    Well it would have been a stupid idea to not have Punk, Cena, McMahon have interaction on the last RAW before the ppv.

  • CC

    Khali is always in some kind of bad shape, usually revolving round his knees. Considering the lack of in ring movement he actually makes, you have to say that he isnt cut out for wrestling if he is in that bad shape. (and yes, I know he cant wrestle either)