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WWE Stars Replaced at the Rumble, Evan Bourne Update, Kane, More

– Last night’s 40-Man Royal Rumble match was one of the longest WWE match in history at 70 minutes.

– Michael Cole noted last night that the #40 entrant Kane was entering his 13 straight Royal Rumble match in a row, which is the new record.

– While Evan Bourne was one of the many rumored names for last night’s Royal Rumble main event, the RAW Superstar is not quite ready to return to action yet. Bourne noted on Twitter this weekend that he was still doing physical therapy. Bourne is scheduled to return in time for WrestleMania 27.

– Three WWE stars who were advertised for the Royal Rumble but did not appear were Primo Colon, Darren Young and David Hart Smith. This left 9 slots open – the six before the match and the three left open by them not appearing. These 9 slots were filled by Kevin Nash, Booker T, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Alex Riley, Hornswoggle, Tyler Reks, Chavo Guerrero and The Great Khali, who made his WWE return with Ranjin Singh.

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  • Rich too..this douchebag ashlee right beneath you wanted del rio to win..i was one of the ones who wanted christian to win the rumble and face edge but alas vince mcmahon hates christian…i thought evan was only gonna be out for a little bit damn..i was also waiting for jericho’s music but i heard he’ll be back after wrestlemania ugh
    @ashlee..dosent change the fact that king sheamus or mcintyre or john morrison should have won it idiot..hell it would have been hilarious if tamina helped santino win it..fuck del rio and his mexican jbl gimmick..i hope jbl comes back and kicks the crap out of del rio for taking his gimmick..hell i hope eddie guerrero rises from the grave and kicks the crap out of del rio for stealing his gimmick

  • Ashlee schaffer bmw

    Rich I told you del rio would be in the main event. You called me an idiot and asked me what I was smoking. You also said he was not ready. Who is the idiot now Richie boy? Take this time to eat crow and think next time before you insult someone. Now stfu douche…

  • Mel

    Hey Rich, I was waiting for Christian’s music all through that damn Rumble match !!!! UGH ! LOL I just KNEW he’d be back. Damn it.
    I had heard Evan wasn’t ready so I wasn’t looking for him so much.
    WB, I hope you are right about your predictions upon the release of the 4th quarter results. NO MORE PG. I know it still needs to be fit for kids to watch too, but this has gone far enough. The product as is …NOT WORKING…..I’m tired of seeing Edge, The Rated PG Superstar. I want Edge, THE RATED R superstar. LOL

  • Rich

    damn it i wanted christian and evan bourne to return

  • WB

    I wasn’t looking forward to DH.. he’s wretched. I am not a Horns fan, I think he should be fired, but it was great watching him AA Kidd, who has talent, but I just don’t care for at all. It was a wonderful bury job… LOL.. Tyson Kidd the new Chavo Guerrero. But, Having Super Cena protect him actually made kids happy, and that.. is their target audience. So, a biz stand point.. I get why. Now.. onto the release of the 4th quarter.. I think that once that comes out there will be no more PG.. I think it goes more adult oriented. The investors will insist & Vince will have a knee jerk reaction.

  • Justin

    Khali’s the real deal, bro. He’s a straight “shooter.” Oh whoops, see what I did there?

  • Clara711

    The WWE had plans for at least two legends to return. I doubt that Primo and DH Smith’s places were sacrificed for Booker & Nash. It seems as thought TPTB have got it wrong. As mentioned above, no-one missed Primo, but I was really looking forward to seeing DH Smith in the rumble. I’d much rather see him that the jokes that are Hornswoggle and The “Great” Khali.


    why did nash come back as diesel?

  • jim

    nash in tna takes a spot from a young guy that is wrong.nash in wwe rumble takes a spot for DH smith and that is awesome lmao.dont blame horny or khali for the keeping dh out of the rumble blame the guy who did a one night deal that kept him out.atleast hornswaggle and khali are under actual contract with wwe.they deserve a paycheck more than nash who could have worked for tna also if he wanted too.

  • adam

    well hornswoggle pretty much burried any chance of a carreer for tyson kid by elminating him and giving him the attitude adjustment. Unless he reforms the hart dynasty with dh he is done. Same can be said for DH smith since he got passed over by hornswoggle to be in the rumble

  • Anon GM

    WHY WERE ZIGGLER & ORTON in the match? they had their chances to be champion earlier that night & they lost!

  • Evil Doink

    No surprise that Khali was in the rumble, considering he was one of the faces on the poster/website. Yeah, too bad about DH Smith, but who really cares about Primo?

  • Ben


    I think the article meant longest matches of all time, includng but not limited to Royal Rumbles.

  • Dan

    But this one had 40 people instead of 30…so no surprise it’s the longest

  • nobody

    Wouldn’t 70 minutes make it the longest Royal Rumble match, not “one of” the longest? The next longest was 69 minutes and half a second. SO unless you incorrectly rounded up, this was the longest

  • kpnuttzlol

    Michael Cole says that every year.Kanes made his “x” consecutive rumble appearance in a row.No shock there really.

    I’m actually disapointed.DH Smith and Primo get replaced by Khali and Hornswoggle. That is absolutley awful.Hornswoggle should have been long gone by now.

  • CM Spunk

    Of course, because Hornswoggle is way more deserving the DH Smith.