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WWE Stars Reportedly Interested in Leaving, Former Divas Reunite, Chavo Update

– Chavo Guerrero is teasing non-wrestling projects on his Twitter. He wrote: “Btw..wrestling is not the only thing I’ve got going. Many offers on the table since I left WWE. I’ll let u all know when I have more info.”

– Former WWE Divas Michelle McCool, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson and Lilian Garcia were at a Benchwarmer’s “Children of the Night” benefit last night.

– A source within WWE notes that Chavo Guerrero quitting is bigger news than most think, noting that Batista, Chris Jericho, MVP, Matt Hardy and now Chavo all asked to be released or let their contracts expire, and CM Punk is doing the same.

There is said to be a handful of other stars who have been talking about doing the same thing. Guerrero’s departure caught a lot of the WWE talents off guard and several were praising him for having the guts to walk away.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • KitKrock

    this is all TRIPLE H and his idiot wife STEPHANIE’s fault.

  • Digger

    At least Batista has gone on record saying he’s against PG. Honesrtly i’ve watched maybe 5 TNA episodes all up, But CM Punk being in TNA would be something that would make me tune in. Being in Australia its not as easy to get my hands on ROH. CM Punk equals greatness wherever he goes, and going somewhere where he has controlover his character like this past raw would just equal all round epicness.

  • Joe

    I think if WWE truly wanted rating higher, they’d bring back Jericho, Punk, and Batista. But the fact in the matter is they are weighing the options between popular heels and PG ratings.

    If you ask me, the only thing to blame for the new WWE is the PG idea.

  • ML

    The WWE is a sinking ship. Alot of people seem to not be happy being there.

  • Jon

    I argee with the comment about wrestling is dying sadly. With WWE it all started with PG era when Cena became Super Cena, the storyline now suck and wrestlers can’t really put out good move.

    TNA was good until Hogan and Bischoff took over, first it look like a WCW reuion, now it if you WWE in the past it your time to shine, buring Styles and Joe true chance to get the title. No real devlepoment there

    If ROH would get a major TV deal maybe they would be a treat but for now there still in devlepoment.

    So wrestling is fading out to other MMA promotions like UFC etc.

  • Jimbo

    Wrestlers are just as fed up as fans are.

  • venom

    If guys want to leave and take a pay cut, then go ahead. I work at my job to make money. Sometimes stress comes along with a job.

  • Jay EZ

    R-Truth is staying.

  • Jay EZ

    So the world stops turning because Chavo left WWE?

    The world won’t stop turning if CM Punk leaves too.

  • Kris

    do u reverse Invasion angle with all the old WWE guys vs. TNa origianls, coudlw rok good and guys like RVD< BUBBa ETC could be entrancing

  • keylo

    at Really, see some people like to earn their pay rather than sitting on their arses and for some maybe they are really not happy with the product or the way they are asked to perform. As could you really see the Angle’s and Brock’s, proper wrestlers not superstars if in their prime joining this ? as they would see that as a insult to what they spend years learning.

  • really!

    what some of these wrestlers need to realize is that they might not be doing the type of wrestling they want in WWE but the fact is they are being watched by millions of people on tv every week and getting decent pay who cares what the product is.

    For those who are not on TV every week your getting paid to sit backstage and watch a wrestling show. and maybe sometimes a dark match or arena show.

    Tell ya what go ahead and quit I’ll go on tv and get beat on by a midget all day if it means a decent pay

  • Shawn

    The difference is, Jericho, Batista and Punk are the only ones that really matter. They were fan favorites and actually brought in money. Not only that, but they *WILL* be back and will *NOT* got to TNA. They left to take time off and get away (which more wrestlers should definitely do). Chavo, Hardy and MVP didn’t hurt WWE one bit by leaving. If Chavo signs with TNA, who gives a damn?

  • Kevin

    Jericho and Punk were just burned out and want too take breaks..They will both be back..Batista was pissed about the movie he was supposed to do that went to HHH…You guys just want to bash WWE any chance you get MVP,Chavo and Fatt Hardy who really cares…After MVP’s initial huge push did he ever take the ball and run with it. Hardy??? and Chavo is talented but he just doesnt have the it factor.

  • Ricardo

    It’s funny people don’t see the wrestling business dying before their eyes. The good guys are going, the new guys are bad. WWE is a mess of a place to work in, they do bad TV. TNA is a joke. The rest of the companies are too unprofessional and repetitive. The ratings and buys are lower than ever, for any company.

    As I fan, I hope something comes and shakes this up. But I don’t think we’ll see that happening.

  • John Cheesa

    There’s a lot of misuse of wrestlers going on right now, so I don’t blame guys for wanting to walk away. Your dream job can ultimately suck as much as trying to obtain it if you end up not being used correctly and then not having any fun because of that.

  • CC

    These guys are not the first to choose to leave and they wont be the last, this is just typical speculation as always.
    Batista has quite clearly stated why he left, and would consider going back if the PG rating goes.
    Jericho has done it before, and will do it again if he goes back, as he is a clever business man and it has nothing to do with not liking how he has been treated.

    Of the other three mentioned, they are no different to the multitude of people who have left over the years due to feeling underutilised or believing the grass is greener elsewhere. They would probably all come back as well if they suddenly realise that being outside WWE isnt exactly working out how they thought it would.

    We all remember Angle, Lesnar, Jeff Hardy, The Rock, Christian and too many others to list. Its just the nature of the business and always will be.

  • No1Colminer

    personally i would love to see all these contract expiring wrestlers to jump to TnA, proving that wrestling does indeed, matter. yea theyd have to take pay cuts, but wrestling few times a week with no PG BS will give each ex wwe performer chance to do other projects, although doubt any are in dire straits money wise. btw i am no tna mark, just think what better way to stick it to vince is joining tna, what the hell could vince do then.

    Doubt they ever would come together for the greater good of wrestling industry though

  • TheStinger

    Thats a sign..WWE now have a group of guys who is quite new to the biz, how long can them survive if they dont do something about it! TNA get your acts togheter!

  • venom

    Good, we want new talent. I hope Santino and Vladmir are thinking about “walking away.”

  • Nathan

    Looking at the list of people that have quit, and now apparently there’s an even bigger list of those about to quit…I’d say there’s a slow internal backlash against WWE.