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  • Mike Oxafloppin

    MVP looks like the Terrorist in “True Lies”

  • JB

    USO – may you come go back to the islands and rest with your soul. much love cuz.

  • ##

    This was also a “future endevours club” meeting.

  • Gary

    i think they do know who it is but isnt going to blow there name out

  • Buttercastle

    So they don’t remember who took these photos? Shelton Benjamin is in 2 of these pics and yet he doesn’t know who took them……?

  • W-E

    Chris. The ‘piece of shit’ comments weren’t from, they were from Shelton Benjamin and Rikishi. Like I said, their anger doesn’t seem to be directed toward TMZ, rather the person that leaked the photos.

  • Chris

    ….you JUST posted a story about the dude who sent these in being a piece of shit. Why the he’ll woukd you post them?

  • W-E

    Yep.. I think he’s more angry someone leaked them to TMZ.

  • centerman

    The pics Rikishi is angry over I guess.