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WWE Stock Continues To Plummet, Warrior Garners Mainstream Attention

— Shares of WWE stock closed at $9.70 per share on Wednesday after hitting a 52-week low of $9.69 per share. WWE’s stock price closed at $10.01 per share Tuesday before dropping 3.1 percent. At the time of this post, the stock is at $9.69 per share after hitting another 52-week low of $9.44 this morning.

WWE’s stock price has continuously plummeted since the organization announced in April that their dividend price would be slashed. One year ago, WWE stock was valued at approximately $16 per share.

— Ultimate Warrior’s inflammatory online video in which he accused longtime rival Hulk Hogan of being a cocaine-using, wife-swapping “dope head” as well as a “malicious, back-stabbing operator” has garnered mainstream coverage. has posted an article on the story. The matter was also discussed on some morning radio talk shows.

Meanwhile, Hogan explained to a fan yesterday on Twitter why he plans on filing a lawsuit against the master of the Gorilla Press Slam.

He wrote, “Deformation of character hurts business and lives and let’s people like you doubt, then follow and believe in the hate and lies.”

  • Teran

    @Shawn: He meant defamation.

    All those “vitamins” obviously affected Terry’s head.

    Man seriously can’t wait for the full shoot fucking hilarious.

  • venom

    I think it’s so funny how Hogan is getting worked up about the this. Hogan, the truth shaw set you free.

  • shawn

    can some english gentleman please tell me if he meant defamation instead of deformation? i want to know if i was laughing being a jackass.

  • Marky Mark

    Anyone throwing paint on a wall, is a homosexual worthless piece of garbage. End of discussion.


    I thought Booker T. beat the shit out of Batista…

  • The Prime Minister

    I would rather watch that paint thrown on the way dry that look at another “he hears the voices and is turning into a viper” train wreck of match.

  • erik

    @nicholas your right noone watches tna. those over 1.4 million viewers i guess are not people huh? lmao tna gets same rating as smackdown does. with the very entertaining randy orton. i would rather throw paint on wall. then watch randy orton wrestle a match!

  • CM Mark

    Terry, we all know you have a deformation of character…lol.

  • Teran

    I can’t wait for the full shoot.

    So funny. If Sheik and Warrior didn’t hate each other, they should do a double shoot on Hogan. I would die laughing.

  • The Prime Minister

    I cannot believe that I just read some of this pablum….

    Please, for all that is decent in this world people…proofread before you post.

    WWE stock value is truly irrelevant to the company’s performance on television (et al). The majority shareholders are still the McMahons, long-time backers of the company and company executives who were furnished with stock options both before and after the IPO.

    The bottom line is this….Batista is gone…and Lesnar is gone and both totally irrelevant to the issues at hand. Hogan and Hellwig are both broke and are forced to resort to what we see now. Quite frankly, whatever either of them have to say is of little substance at this point. There are a lot of whores and sellouts in ANY business be it entertainment or otherwise. It just so happens that even professional wrestling (yes, WRESTLING) is like just about every other business out there.

  • Stevie P

    Did Hogan REALLY say Deformation when he meant defamation? LOL

  • Nicholas G

    What stock in American isn’t down these days. Oh I love how internet fans keep bring up the PG as the fault of the low ratings or buy rate. They explain how it is that TNA is not PG yet nothing good is happening there. Look I don’t care about PG what so every. An to me in do times WWE stocks will raise again just like it always does in the past. Because WWE is in a rebuilding stage right now pushing young talent it is just a lot of the young talent are very very green but will be big superstars soon. Fianlly when internet starts talking about PG it show they do not know what they are talking about just looking to talk about something they know nothing about. TNA is not PG an nobody care to watch it explain that one would love to hear it.

  • puffdavie

    Batista will never fight in the UFC. Strike Force or any where for that matter, he is to old, if it was gonna happen it would have already, he will come back to the WWE, but the only thing that will save the WWE is to lose the pg rating.

  • Phoenix

    I blame Cena 😉

  • Mike_Oxafloppin


    Brock would school Batista…end of story

  • Stumpy

    @Justin: neither will the lame ass PG rating that they have labeled themselves with.

  • Justin

    I’ll admit, that Batista LOOKED cool in his run at times. I think if him and Brock had MMA personalities/gimmicks and were allowed to talk shit on the mic, I think it would be fun to watch. Otherwise, big tough guys with tattoos all over them aren’t going to save a wrestling company.

  • AustinPowers

    Maybe your just not looking at the product closely, i think if we brought batista and brock in so batista kicks the shit out of brock it will garner attention

  • Justin

    The product also just sucks…anyone actually considering that?