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WWE Studios’ “Knucklehead” Fails To Register On Box Office Charts

WWE Studios’ Knucklehead drew virtually no business during its ‘limited engagement’ this past weekend.

A chart listing the top grossing films, with the bottom movie making $75, did not rank the WWE produced film. Even further, numerous websites that feature histories of all theatrically released movies and how much business they did – including last weekend – don’t have it listed.

The film was only scheduled for last weekend in select theaters – a total of six. It will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Nov. 9.

See video of PAUL BEARER receiving the 619 ->

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • andre lewis

    hey cc jean claude and seagal made the same type of films over and over thats why there career suffered the whole revenge 4 those who killed my family thing got old thats why there making dvd films which isnt 2 bad they still get paid decent another thing wwe doesnt need another attitude era the attitude era is dead ppl the closest thing 2 the attitude era was the period of late 02 through 07 there was still ranchiness on wwe tv but it wasnt the attitude era the rapper cena was very edgy and controversial edge in 05 06 likewise wwe is pg 2 build the next gen of fans thats smart but at the same time the older fans who supported wwe when it was nearly outta business in 96 with the wcw taking the helm if it wasnt 4 us supporting wwe then wwe would be dead 2day not ecw and wcw

  • Jimbo

    I wish people would stop putting the PG blame on Linda. We’re in a recession, and WWE have been smart enough to tone down their programming so they can get advertisers in. Think about it, in the attitude era, they had some sponsors, but it was all for motor oils or beef jerky. Now, they’ve got Burger King, 7-11 and that Paper Jamz toy wanting to sponsor their programming. Big multi-national companies. I agree it doesn’t make for great storylines or characters, but it is a smart business move on WWE’s part.

  • Trixie

    Why would they even release it in theatres if they’re only going to do in 6? That’s just stupid. They might as well just go straight to DVD.

  • nnla

    WWE won’t drop the “PG” era unless Linda loses her election. Then it would take something to push the WWE to that limit again and there isn’t anything to do that. TNA is a long way from doing anything and that sucks because I enjoyed the WCW vs WWF during the 90s… I would always flip back and forth between Raw and Nitro.. Man I miss those days.

  • centerman

    The WWE needs to re-evaluate the direction they’re going in with their poor movies script choices lately.

  • Pieman

    This left me shocked.

  • CC

    simple fact is WWE dont expect to make money at the box office which is why they only release them for such a small run and then are on DVD within a week like the last two (Knucklehead and Legendary).
    As long as they make their money back and some profit from DVD sales, they couldnt care less if nobody shows up to the cinema.

    See no evil was their first attempt, and they aimed for it to be a success in the movie theatres, but it didnt work, but it was a success for them on DVD, which is why that is what they aim for with all their films now.
    When was the last time Van Damme or Seagal had a starring role in a big theatrical release (possibly the last Universal Soldier for Jean Claude, but not sure how big a release that was)?
    They dont bother any more because they know they can make plenty of money from direct to DVD films.

  • andre lewis

    this is sad wwe tries 2 make films but they suck kane made a movie 4 yrs ago austin released the condemned it seems everytime cena makes a film it always has 2 be geared towards him as a hero pathetic the rock is the only successful actor who use 2 be a wrestler with austin as a close second if you wanna make it in film hollywoods the way 2 go wwe movies suck knucklehead wtf big show looks like a fucking retard trying 2 be funny anybody can make a wwe film but when cena makes one its all hype please spare me that bullshit i hope wwe drops this kiddy bullshit really soon jesus this shit is terrible there trying 2 go back 2 a time when swearing on tv was rare like the hogan era its not gonna work i say 2 wwe drop the pg concept before your company dies

  • Dave

    WWE Studios – Give. It. UP.

  • Ronald

    This is absolutely, positively the most shocking thing I’ve ever, ever, ever read!!!!!!!!

  • nobody

    It was released in 6 theatres worldwide. Would it even be listed on the charts even if it did make some money?
    I’d take this report with a grain of salt. Can’t tell anything from a 6 theatre release. Wait a week or whatever for the DVD to come out

  • Bryan

    So they are saying it made less than $75?

  • In Grind We Crust

    probably because they failed to promote it outside their own programing.

  • nnla

    lol that’s funny, it looked horrible in the previews, at least Cena’s movies are action filled even though they aren’t top notch. We won’t be seeing Big Show star in a movie anytime soon. It’s a shame but it happens.