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WWE Studios Signs 3-Movie Deal, New “Marine” Movie Being Made is reporting that WWE Studios and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment have come to terms on a new deal that will yield 3 straight-to-DVD titles – including another Marine film.

The Marine: Homefront will be the third installment of WWE’s Marine franchise. The original Marine movie from 2006 generated over $18 million in revenue and was the most successful WWE Studios project by far. Ted DiBiase starred in the straight-to-DVD sequel. originally reported that John Cena would be starring in the new Marine movie, but has since updated their article and removed the part about Cena starring.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution for the 3 movies via Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and digital download and WWE will use their juggernaut promotional machine to maximize exposure.

“WWE Studios will continue to expand its film offerings to appeal to a wide range of movie fans in 2012 and 2013,” said WWE Studios President, Michael Luisi. “We look forward to building upon our relationship with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to present movies that bring action, adventure and humor to audiences all over the globe.”

No word yet on the other two movies, but one of them is expected to star CM Punk.

  • Jason

    Robert Patrick was the only good thing about the Marine series period. Most underrated actor ever imo.

  • Thalia

    @Diesel, besides, the movies sucking is your opinion and no way based in actual fact. That’s fine that you didn’t like them, but there are just as many people out there that enjoyed them. I thought John’s Marine was really good for a guy that’s never acted before. I loved the way him and Robert Patrick interacted with each other. I thought the second one was a lot better with their actually being a love story between the DiBiase and his “wife” because it made it more realistic. The point was made you don’t have to watch the 3rd one if you thought the other two are bad. I fully get where you are coming from, I expected Kane’s movie to be better since he’s such a scary presence anyways, and was really disappointed…it happens, not everyone is gonna like every movie they put out.

  • Sammo

    You’re going on about the quality of the movies again, dude. Let it go. IT’S TOTALLY IRRELEVANT TO WWE!

  • Sammo

    … And just to confirm that, according to Wikipedia, The Marine cost $20 million to make and took well over $22 million at the box office – and that’s before it had even been released on DVDs, so rentals and purchases will have bumped the profits waaaaay up even more.

  • Diesel

    Well it just seems like a pointless cash in to me, I mean look at movies like Anaconda, Leprechaun, Shark Attack and so on & so forth… they weren’t exactly major money makers but for whatever reason they had more low budget movie sequels afterwards. I’m not knocking WWE movies as a whole, but to try another attempt at a bad movie for a 3rd time?? This isn’t Hollywood where a trilogy is usually good like say Star Wars or Mission Impossible, this is a WWE film. Why not just learn from your mistakes and make money doing a different type of movie? thats all.

  • Sammo

    Again, the quality of the movies is irrelevant … But they obviously were profitable. There’s no “think” about it.

    If the first two lost money, you really think they’d bother with a third?? Use your frikking brain!

  • Diesel

    Thing is… they’re not really when you think about it. Yes WWE are a multi billion dollar company, but their movies are basically low budget straight to dvd types rather than say any of Rocks big blockbuster ones. Cena is a profitable guy sure as is Punk & Mysterio but this isn’t merchandising, this is movies & the movies themselves have basically sucked.

  • Sammo

    Why d’ya think?! Because the movies are obviously profitable!

    WWE isn’t concerned for one second about the quality of their movies.

  • Diesel


    Yes I know that & I more than likely will avoid it, but like I REALLY wanted the first one to be good but it was shit, the second one wasn’t good either so why go for a 3rd try? It’s like the Punisher films for instance they tried them 3 times and they couldn’t seem to get it right, so why not just leave it be.

  • Sammo


    Just in case someone told you otherwise – you DON’T have to watch the films if you don’t want to.

  • Sammo

    I have a strong feeling that The Marine 3 will see a marine’s girlfriend kidnapped, and to rescue her he’ll have to use his strength and wits to defy the odds and defeat an entire army of bad guys – headed by an evil criminal bent on terror.

    Just a hunch.

  • Diesel

    Oh God!…. The last two were horrible, I don’t think I can stomach a 3rd film 🙁