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WWE Superstar and Diva Getting Married, Bachelorette Party Filmed for WWE’s Total Divas

– Injured WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd has been engaged to WWE Diva Natalya. The couple has dated for several years now. The cast of Total Divas gathered in Las Vegas last night for Natalya’s bachelorette party, which will be airing on the show.

Here is a photo of Natalya, The Bella Twins, Cameron, Naomi and Jo-Jo Offerman:

Natalya Bachelorette Party

  • Mabry

    You could be right, but, who cares!!!, she´s hot as hell, weird posture and fake smile or not!!! 😀

  • Johhny

    indeed it is ine fine azz lol

  • Johhny

    huh,i thought they was related?lol

  • Skip Becker

    Could be two bachelorette parties. One for the show and one with her true friends.

  • Will Henderson

    i don’t know if Natalya is really engaged with Tyson Kidd or it’s a work for the reality show. i know they are a real life couple, but she’s having a bachelorette party with her “Total Divas” co-stars instead of her true friends in the business. i wish her and Tyson the best of luck in marriage if it indeed a full real life one and not scripted for the reality show. and i’m sure WWE has the reality show drama format down as reality shows takes the soap opera train wreck element for the wrestling business.

  • Pewp

    Look at her posture. Starting at her hips, she is leaning forward at an angle. Looks to me like she is intentionally being a “diva” while most of the others look a little relaxed. Look at her smile, she is even wearing “the face” that she would give the crowd or a fan, rather than a natural face she would give her mother or sister.

  • Hasan

    Holy sh*t! Looks at Naomi’s butt