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WWE Superstar Knocks LayCool’s Speech for Sunny, Sheamus Speaks, Jericho

– Sheamus was interviewed by Brian Fritz of this weekend at Axxess and guaranteed a main event spot at WrestleMania next year:

– Chris Jericho was hanging out with WWE fan and American Idol contestant James Durbin yesterday at the Rainbow restaurant in Los Angeles.

– Several readers who attended the WWE Hall of Fame last night have noted to us how bad Layla and Michelle McCool’s induction speech for Sunny was.

John Morrison compared LayCool’s speech to Jersey Shore star The Situation’s recent bomb at the Donald Trump roast with the following on Twitter: “Lay-Cool’s induction speech at Hall of Fame = the Situation at the Trump roast.”

  • erik

    leet’s face it facts are facts divas get no air time and divison is joke. putting snookie in match is not going to make people respect divas or take divison serious. divison is joke laycool is terrible i wish wwe would end divas divison already. vince doesn’t take it serious wwe writers don’t take it serious so end shit already!

  • Trixie

    ^^^yea but someone else said that their speech was horrible, too.

  • nnla

    I would have been shocked if the comments came from someone not currently in an angle with lay cool. But since Morrison is part of an angle/match with them at Wrestlemania then take it with a grain of salt. Yes they are annoying and yes I do change the channel when they are on tv but it’s the HOF and it’s WWE. You won’t get the very best out of many things anymore.

  • RAW GM

    Michelle McCool useless talent the only reason she is there is because she is f’ing undertaker

  • erik

    The thing is laycool does nothing for women’s wrestling or for divas divison. in my opinion they have made divas are joke. from there cutting women’s title in half and there dumb co champions shit. I know wwe is doing this but they are joke and i wish if vince and wwe doesn’t take divas serious just end divison already.

  • Angry Dude

    naa they’re flawless and so was the speech 😉

  • The Great One

    eveything they two bicthes do is a bomb, they are the most cringe worthy peoples on tv, everything they say you watch head in hands