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WWE Superstar Suspended for Wellness Violation

WWE has announced that Darren Young has been suspended for 30 days due to a violation of the company’s Wellness Policy.

The following statement was posted on the WWE website on Thursday:

“In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Fred Rosser (Darren Young) for 30 days effective Wednesday, Oct. 5, for his first violation of the company’s policy.”

  • Sam Peters

    well the final 2 atm are Titus O’Neil and Derrick Bateman, so i guess it will just be them two going at it lol

  • edge-3000

    so does this mean nxt season 5 is over now?

  • Darren Young clearly cant suck dick as good as Mason Ryan

  • k91xxx

    Good for black john cena fire his arss & john cena

  • venom

    When I first saw this article, I thought it was Mason Ryan. WWE should just fire Darren Young. He is a nobody and is boring. He’ll just go to TNA and win the World title there like 5 times.

  • Bawb

    @ El Dandy

    Who are you to doubt Daren Young?

  • El Dandy

    Maybe it’d because Cena isn’t on steroids 🙂

  • Chris E.

    I was soooo expecting Mason Ryan’ name to be up here. Cena doesn’t ever look like he has an “off cycle” of the juice, so I cant see how he would ever pass a steroids test.

  • Oi

    Haha my guess is steroids…..guess he took that “black Cena” thing seriously….Hey Darren only “white Cena” can get away with steroids….come on man

  • Darren

    leave me alone!

  • Jimbo

    I was hoping it was Mason Ryan.

  • jackson

    Well there goes NXT! Isn’t he one of the final 2?? I guess that other guy will have to wrestle himself every week for a painstaking amount of weeks to crown the winner.

  • Nick

    There isn’t enough room for a John Cena look alike.

  • donners


    you’re missing the point. his name’s fred. that alone should’ve got him 90 days.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Darren who? Wish you well in your future endeavors.

  • Matt

    Ok, the biggest thing I got out of this article was the guy’s real name is FRED!

  • MJ

    damn i hope this doesnt hurt him in the long run because this guy can really be a solid midcarder for the company.

  • adam

    Im suprised the Jimmy uso wasnt suspended but thats cuase he is in the middle of a push lol. Daren young is pretty good his charcter is annoying but he is good in the ring and his orginal finsher the full nelson facebuster was amazing.

  • Effmenow

    LOL was this even neccesary?

  • Jake

    What’s a Darren Young?

  • johnny

    who is that? ive never heard of him lol

  • Appocalypse

    haaa haaa just fire his ass, no one cares or will notice hes gone.