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WWE Superstar Wants a World Heavyweight Title Shot Before He Retires

– SmackDown Superstar William Regal, who has been announcing and wrestling on NXT as of late, says he wants a World Heavyweight Title shot when WWE returns to Liverpool, England later this year. He wrote on Thursday:

“Trying to think if Teddy Long owes me a favour.I need to get a World Championship match on Smackdown on Liverpool. Maybe the last chance I have of becoming the first English World Champion in front of WWE’s loyalist fans.

Some people are saying I’m passed it.Maybe so but @WWE,look at it as charity.Give an old rogue a chance.”

Regal later re-tweeted a ton of feedback from fans supporting him getting a title shot and wrote:

“I normally never retweet about wrestling,WWE or me(I don’t need to because I’m so over anyway)so sorry to everyone who it’s driving mental. I just want @WWE to take notice.Give back to your loyalest fans(and purely selfish reasons as I want to be the first British World champ).”

At a live last November in the UK, Regal announced to the crowd that would be his last tour because he is retiring soon. Regal will apparently be sticking around long enough for this year’s tour, probably longer. Regal is under contract to WWE until 2014 and in addition to his recent work on NXT, he has worked as an announcer in FCW.

  • A.B

    I completly agree with regal, in my opinion he is one of the best technical and exciting superstars in wwe today, he should of been champ along time ago or at least had a storyline so he had a couple of title shots. however if he was to face the champs of today, orton & cena, he wouldn’t win seeing as they are a top ranked superstars. He needs more storylines where he beats the odds so he can get more respect. REGAL FOR CHAMP!!!

  • ML

    Regal should have been champion way before Cena was even champion!

  • C – Sation

    i think he at least deserves a shot at the title , what they do with it is up in the air

  • Jon

    Alhow i type on my phone so it a error. Plus don’t with the grammar there is no requirement on here for that

  • grizz

    I think Regal would make an excellent champion, give him a chance.

  • V-R-A

    Let Regal get the world title. It would be great as he would be a Grand Slam Champion if he got it, even if it was only for two days it would still count.

  • Nicholas G

    I am know mark of Randy Orton just call it like I see it. It call an opinion. Randy Orton is far from being a Superface it wasn’t that long ago he was a major heel in the WWE an in time Randy Orton will be a heel again.

    You see here is the thing IWC don’t get about Cena and Randy Orton they are not Hogan. Both guys don’t mind not putting guys over. An trust me if you believe both guys have not done there job on putting people over then that is your problem. CM Punk current push started around the Royal Rumble. If it wasn’t for both Cena and Orton being so willing to put people over CM PUnk or any of the young talent would not be getting there push. You think Hogan back at his prime would be putting guys over like Punk or Sheamus. I know people are tire of seeing Cena main event every Wrestlmania. But Randy Orton has not main event every WM in fact most of his matches has been in the middle. It just Randy Orton and Punk almost stole the show at WM if it wasn’t for HHH and Undertaker.

    In closing I am know mark for Cena and Randy Orton. Just feel that both guys desire more respect then the internet wants to give them. You see I am know hater to me both guys have done for the WWE.

  • Devil_Rising

    @Nicholas G

    Dude….quit being a mark. CM Punk’s “push” started years before this current “bad boy” thing. Don’t get me wrong, his current push is awesome, but he had already established himself as one of the top stars in the company a long time ago.

    And while Orton is a good wrestler, you’ll have to forgive some of us for getting just a mite bit tired of he and Cena ALWAYS being in the picture (and Batista before he left). New blood keeps things fresh. Having these “SUPERMAN” wrestlers who almost always win, is pathetic. This isn’t the 80s and they aren’t Hulk Hogan.

  • venom

    Yea, if he didn’t screw up in 08, he probably would have won the title around that time. I agree he should get more tv time and let him win.

  • Nicholas G

    Regal will be facing most likely Randy Orton for the World title an it will be a good match. I love now the hated for Randy Orton to me the best wrestler in the WWE next to CM Punk. Wait a second who did Randy Orton beat at WM 27 that is right Punk an that is where Punk push got started. Randy Orton has also made Christian mean something in the WWE even for a little while. Randy Orton is like HBk in the ring where he could make any wrestler rather he got skills or not look good. Randy Orton to me is at the part of his career where he is only going to get better an to me that is very scary.


    @jon “Norton” “RIO” really? #areyouseriousbro You need to check what your typing next time broski.

    @Bucklekid We have no idea what you said so I would doubt you’ll be banned away

    But yes regal does deserve the title, even if it is just for a day. Though technically he screwed up his first chance at it when he had the wellness policy violation during his king of the ring 08 time. He still deserves it though.

  • kitty

    oh god help us all if regal won the whc please wwe dont give him no title he is way passed his time if he wanted a whc reign he should have asked for it back in his time….

  • venom

    I don’t think that english muffin will win the world title.

  • CC

    Shut up you muggy little cunt. I dont even understand whatever the fuck you are talking about cause you are obviously mentally retarded or Irish (pretty much the same thing).

  • shawn

    god save the queen! REGAL AS WHC.

  • BuckieKid

    and il be banned now so good nite hail hail

  • BuckieKid

    regal desevers feck all he got the euro title and ic title and tag so feck off tiocfaidh ar la

  • The Stinger

    Wrestling MATTERS in TNA;)

  • Jon

    If that the case, that would be Regal last match. If Norton still champ he would be RIO and punted the same night. Henry champ Regal would be squash.

  • voice of reason

    william regal deserves his shot so why not it’s not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog

  • JIR

    I say let Bryan win the World tittle have him give Regal a shot @ the Liverpool show because Regal has trained Bryan and owes him one let them have a classic with Bryan winning clean then afterwards Regal pulls out the brass knuckles and lays him out end show everyone happy

  • venom

    I think Barrett is going to be the first English World Champion.

  • CM Mark

    Give him him a week long run. The man deserves it!

  • mabry

    he should get a world title reign, even if its as short as Christian┬┤s, at least he would go into history as he said it him self,”the first English World Champion”.

  • rko

    Regal should have gotten a shot. With his blueblood gimmick he could have pulled it off.

  • venom

    Maybe Regal will get his shot when Bryan is champ. If not, Orton will destroy Regal in 5 seconds. RKO off the top rope.

  • Dave

    Let’s see more of the likes of Regal, Punk and Danielson wrestling each other.
    It’s a shame that wrestling just doesn’t matter in the WWE anymore.

  • Vini

    Regal deserves it he is a veteran with good mic skills and amazing in ring skills