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WWE Says Superstars Have Agreed to Work Weekend Live Events

– WWE posted the following on their website last night, keeping up the walkout storyline from Monday’s RAW:

Superstars agree to participate in weekend live events

Attention, WWE Universe: WWE Superstars have agreed to participate in WWE live events this weekend, so long as the Chief Operating Officer, Triple H, is not in the building. Triple H has agreed to these terms, and all shows will continue as scheduled.

  • Sean Mooney

    Do those under 12 understand what a “vote of confidence” is though?

  • Stone Cold Truth

    ^ Only the IWC know it’s real which is like 10% of the WWE audience, remember most kids under 12 are probably buying this.

  • deva

    I guess wwe thinks the fans are idiots to believe this is real ahahha

  • D2K

    *stands aghast at the epic stupidity of this angle*

  • Dakota

    Wells thats good to know

  • The mark

    So they they walk out, but… Oh but they’ll still do smackdown…. Erm about the live events….. They’ll do those too.

    Some walkout.