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“WWE Superstars” Finds A New Home, Michelle Deighton’s Favorite Match

— WWE Superstars, which finished its run on WGN America last week, has found a new home. The show will air every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. EST on

Advertised for today’s episode is The Great Khali vs. Zack Ryder. Other matches taking place include:

* Gail Kim and Natalya vs. Maryse and Melina

* Chris Masters vs. Curt Hawkins

— A scene was edited from the Tough Enough elimination process where Steve Austin asked contestant Michelle Deighton what her favorite match was. While Ariane Andrew sealed her fate on the program by naming Melina vs. Alicia Fox as her all-time favorite match (and being unable to name another match), Deighton said Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart.

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita celebrates her 36th birthday today.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • mabry

    @ Devil_Rising, about my coment on Bret not talking to her…. i guess you just put it the way things actually are….. i just read a coulple of months ago about Bret not having any contact with her or her kids, and i imagine the reason is because shes broke all comunication….

    BTW, i miss Owen, big time, hes death is one the most painfull to me as afan….

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s because, while certainly she had/has every right to be pissed at WWE causing her husbands NEEDLESS death with a stupid stunt that totally could have been avoided by simply NOT DOING IT, in the concurrent fallout, in which Bret originally sided with her mind you, over the years she eventually just started seeming as if she was in it all for the money. I doubt that’s totally true, but her actions still don’t help. I could understand her hating wrestling for what happened to Owen, but she’s also denying his fans and his memory, something he spent most of his life doing. To not let him at least be inducted, is silly. He deserves to be honored, because he is without a doubt one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

    As for Bret, I don’t think it’s so much that he doesn’t talk to her anymore, because I’m sure he’d want to keep up with Owen’s kids, I think it’s more that she completely broke off ties with the entire Hart family, Bret included.

  • M.C.

    @cc, how about you induct him into the hall of fame, but dont show promos for him. Bill it as a “surprise inductee”, & then reveal it at the show. Induct him as Owen the rocket hart, or as the blue blazer. does she own these copyrights? I dont think so, but idk. plus, WWE shows clips of razor Ramon, diesel, sting, hogan, flair, etc. & they don’t sue for WWE using their likenesses. I don’t know much about the situation, but I think owen should be in, anyway. My plan probably wouldn’t work, but at least it’s an attempt

  • CC

    @Bill. Vince doesnt have a choice. While Martha is doing what she is doing, Vince cannot risk using Owens name or image in case he gets sued for it.

  • Bill

    For god’s sake, why does WWE have to completely eliminate Owen Hart from history? I’m okay with his wife hating Vince McMahon, but what about the fans?

  • mabry

    @Stephen, i was wondering the other day when would Owen get inducte onto the HOF, but you just reminded me why hes never gonna be in it….. no wonder Bret doesnt even speak to her….

  • JIR

    Stephen so true but Owen’s widow needs to allow his induction into the Hall of Fame its just ridiculous that Koko B. Ware is in before Owen Hart

  • Stephen

    It was edited because if her saying owen hart’s name cause his widow Martha is a bitch and if his name is said on wwe and any Of It’s programs she well sew the wwe cause she don’t want us wwe fans know that her husband every worked wwe that’s why he is not in the wwe hall of fame

  • Seth

    How did that make Michelle look like a fool? It was Ariane who couldn’t name a match beyond Melina v Fox?

  • Wow, so the magic of editing just made Michelle Deighton look like a fool. Made good for TV though.