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WWE Superstars Party with Celebs in LA, the New Sin Cara Debuts, More

– Several WWE personalities were on hand in Los Angeles yesterday with city officials including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for a “be a STAR” anti-bullying campaign rally.

– As noted before, WWE kicked off SummerSlam on Thursday night with a party in Los Angeles. Some of the celebrities included Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Angus T. Jones, Kellan Lutz, Brittany Snow, Ariel Winter, Quinton Aaron and others. Love Hewitt was spotted dancing with Hornswoggle.

– Hunico made his WWE TV debut on last night’s SmackDown as the Sin Cara character. The announcers acknowledged that Sin Cara had put on more weight and more muscle but did not say anything else that would leave you to believe that it was someone else under the mask. As noted before, if WWE keeps Mistico around the plan is to have a Mistico vs. Hunico feud where Mistico returns and reveals Hunico to be the fake Cara.

  • Sam

    @trixie i’m not happy with it one bit as it does make me think the WWE find me as well as everyone else stupid

  • Trixie

    How dumb does the WWE think their viewers are? That clearly was a totally different man. Whether or not he “put on weight/muscle” the body shape and head shape are completely different from a few weeks ago. And honestly, I’m kind of offended that they think they can pull that off.

  • basketball with a grudge

    I may have read that but I’m hoping this story is the true one, I doubt WWE would let Mistico go just yet, especially as he was HHH’s signing so it would be a massive embarrasment if the future owner of WWE’s big name signing flopped miserably and left the company in the space of what, 6 months? That and imagine the release statement! WWE has come to terms on the release of Sin Cara (Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde) as of today, blah/blah/blah. WWE wishes Luis the best in all of his future endeavors.” ONLY to have another Sin Cara running about on Smackdown afterwards! WWE would look like idiots!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I read a bit ago that this was just until he is able to return and that they are firing him and now they plan on keeping him around. Don’t know what to believe with all these “reliable” sources…

  • basketball with a grudge

    @DuffMan there was nothing about Hunico being Sin Cara until Mistico returns, the idea is for the ORIGINAL Sin Cara aka Mistico to return as Mistico to take on the “new” Sin Cara.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    So if this new guy is only Sin Cara until he returns, what is the explanation for losing all that weight and muscle mass in a week? Vince really seems to think his viewers are stupid.

  • venom

    They should feud in a loser loses mask match.

  • Bill

    I thnk this Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara feud would be very interesting, but they both need to cut promos at some point.

  • JIR

    So they will keep this up and Cara will return in 2 or 3 weeks

  • knightcon

    They said other things. Including that his mask didn’t fit right and that he added new moves