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WWE Supporting SOPA, Michaels Wins Award, Foley & The Rumble, The Rock

– The Rock announced on Twitter that his new “Journey 2” movie is officially #1 at the box office in Australia.

– Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures show won an award at last night’s Golden Moose Awards in Las Vegas. The awards will air on the Outdoor Channel in February.

– Mick Foley has been getting fans to tweet #FoleyForRoyalRumble in support of him getting a spot in this year’s 30-man match. After Kurt Angle tweeted support to Foley, Foley wrote the following back:

“Thanks for the support,@RealKurtAngle – if I actually win this thing, I’ll be terrified at Mania..might need the Olympic champ in my corner!”

– According to, WWE is listed as one of 354 major companies that support the Stop Online Piracy Act, better known as SOPA. A letter sent to Congress from The Global Intellectual Property Center shows that WWE has supported the bill since September of 2011.

SOPA is also supported by UFC and NBCUniversal.

  • JIR

    I’m all for people to get their FAIR share for their work however SOPA and PIPA are just bullshit legislation designed to keep small companies for success and strip us of our rights to express ourselves

  • Buttercastle

    As one of those who don’t pay to watch PPVs, if I had the choice of either paying to see it or not seeing it at all, I’d just not even bother with it in the first place. Not because I’m cheap, but I don’t feel like paying for an extended episode of Raw/Smackdown where the only difference is the titles have a higher chance of changing hands. The only thing I’d truly pay to watch is the Royal Rumble, and I’m talking about the actual match itself. Remember when Wrestlemania used to be epic? Now it’s overhyped garbage that showcases talent that should have retired YEARS ago, and no I’m not talking about Cena.

    I think Disney secretly bought out WWE and they just haven’t told us about it yet.

  • sandman

    I say protest their next ppv the royal rumble but the kids will still have their parents buy it.

  • Devil_Rising

    Of course WWE supports SOPA, Vince IS a republican asshole after all.

  • venom

    Foley won’t win, but I hope he makes it to the final four. Sheamus is going to win.

  • xMaskedReptilex

    just like Marella last year, lol, i would have been laughing if Marella won the RR

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I would fucken LOVE it if Mick Foley won the 2012 Royal Rumble!! But how WWE works, they might make it so it seems like he has a chance then they’ll have him elimanated =(

  • angel z

    prince, nice words. aweosomeo.

  • angel z

    i hope wwe loses ratings. fuck sopa. fight the sopa people. vince is part of the government.

  • Jimbo

    Implying that WWE’s programming is worth watching for free.

  • Really

    Megaupload was big in terms of piracy hence they had a big target on their back. But when one website gets shut down two more begain.

  • Pig

    SOPA and PIPA may be stopped for now, but they busted Megaupload and rounded up the main boys. They are going to be charged with more than piracy. The FEDs are still gonna stick it to them. Megaupload will be gtting their SOAP on a ropa. Big Bubba will be on the other end.

  • Prince

    Too bad for you WWE. SOPA got pulled today! Victory! Let the streaming continue!

  • KpNuttzLol

    I’d guess and say they support SOPA so that they can crack down on live streams and archives of the ppv’s. If the bill did not benefit them by stopping the streams, I’d doubt they would support it well apart from Linda who is just agreeing just to help her political stance.

  • BestInTheWorld

    They support SOPA because it can make them money. The same thing can be said about the UFC. Less pirating = possibly more PPV buys and more DVD’s sold.

  • Fuck America

    The reason why no one is buying there pay per views because there shit I mean who wants to pay 50 dollars to be dissapointed. From 1997-2005 it seemed like every pay per view was worth I ordering and I ordered almost every pay per view from those years. WWE doesn’t need to worry about the SOPA they have to worry about bettering the product. Now I order one pay per view a year and thats Wrestlemania and last year I streamed it and couldn’t be happier because that was the worst Wrestlemania ever. Money in the Bank was the first of the not big event pay per view that I ordered since 2005

  • Jon

    SOPA is terrible. If would past WWE could target site like this one for posting spoilers. I understand piracy but the government should never have that much control. Plus I also think since Linda is republican that why WWE support it.

  • bonerjams

    You know nature boy is really “hulk me up” with a different name.

  • Snark Mark

    SOPA is a bad idea presented as a good one from WWE’s perspective. I watch a good amount of the WWE’s programming, but I watch it all on YouTube. I don’t even have cable. I get WWE’s frustration knowing that I am a consumer of their product who doesn’t purchase anything or aid their ratings numbers. That said, SOPA is not the solution. Network television is the solution. Put Smack Down on NBC and I’ll tune in.

  • Couldn’t agree with u more Nach!

  • asdasdsadasd

    fucking sopa bullshit

  • Mark

    With the way WWE stars are either injured or suspended, can see Foley being in the rumble

  • Bawb

    I would buy their PPVs if the product was so much better. And I did, back in the day. It used to be an event, having friends over, and my mom had no problem dropping money for the night. I had a Royal Rumble party back in 1999 when I was nearly 11. So much fun and so worth the money. Now, I’d rather get a bit of the live stream to watch the END of the main event or something.

  • Really

    They trying to stop Live Streams so they get better ratings than 3.0, if you included people who watch RAW and Smackown the ratings would double and PPV’s would triple. Same with TV shows there are so many good TV shows that get cancelled becuase people prefer to watch them illegally.

    While I can see the viewpoint of the WWE and Networks, the bill does go way too far, and there is so many websites where you can illeaglly download or watch/listen to music, TV Shows and films it wont be stopped any time soon.

  • CC

    simon07 is right. While I dont agree with this bill, and especially the way it will be implemented, its no surprise that most forms of entertainment whether it be tv, music, movies or games, will get behind it.
    Its simple logic to them that they are losing money, and this bill will stop that. Of course, to be fair, if I cant download the PPVs that are not free in the UK, I aint paying for them on Sky, and a lot of people have the same attitude.

    I dont think people watching illegal streams or downloading shows is losing them money, as most of those people only watch WWE if its free, they are not suddenly gonna say “shit, I better start paying for it now” they are gonna say “oh well, by bye WWE”

  • simon07

    Surely their only supporting it because of all the live streams of wwe shows that happen. If it comes in people will either have to watch Raw and Smackdown on tv or a WWE source and people will have to actually pay for the PPV’s or not watch them a tall. If you were then, you’d do the same…

  • LSC

    Losing respect for WWE. But saying that, WWE would do that because they are whining assholes. WWE can suck my dick

  • Omar

    SOB! F it! WWE’s product is not good enough that I would keep watching it in face of their support for this bill.

  • Ray

    Go figure. First, the WWE takes away any shred of what made the WWE good and gives us this bullshit PG era. Then they kiss ass (Undoubtedly for Linda’s political future) to Congress and support a bill that further invades our privacy? Never saw that one comin’. /sarcasm