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WWE Suspends Rey Mysterio for 60 Days

– WWE announced the following today:

“STAMFORD, Conn. – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio) for 60 days effective Thursday, April 26 for his second violation of the company’s policy.”

  • SYM

    Mysterio should leave WWE & Join TNA! I wanna see Mysterio vs Sharkboy in a Kamala’s Foot Match! Loser leaves Planet Earth & is forced to Join the Power Rangers in Space, whose New Theme is X-Pacs theme!

  • Angry Benny

    Mysterio sucks, and I have to agree he did mooch of Eddie G’s success, he was never believable as a champ, on the mic, he was good for a pop and thats it, I can’t wait to see him in TNA, where he could face real talent like amazing red(i almost said that with a straght face)lol oh mysterio just leave already, booooo you suck

  • ant

    @j smooth..u freakin prickwad that was the point i was tryna make all along

  • jason

    @JSmooth..dude YOURE an idiot cuz that was the point i was tryna make to all the people who said mysterio is on steroids cuz he gained a few pound

  • Little Jimmy

    Rey tested positive for Miracle Gro.

  • JSmooth

    @ant dude ur an idiot. Undertaker has been wrestling well over 20 years hes close to 50 years everybody over 30 starts gaining weight your metabalism slows down and so what if he put on some weight if uve been doing a sport that long and dnt put on muscle or gain weight after all of those years there’s is sumn our not during right

  • Ant were alot of guys that dosent mean shit and i didnt realiize u were a doctor and knows so mucb about how the human anatomy worka so since u know SOOOO much lets name a couple of wrestlers who have BULKED UP over there careers shall we…The undertaker,kane,john cena,chris jericho,rob van dam,abyss. these are all guys that at one time were smaller and now look at them now

  • Alpha Wrestling League

    Join one of the biggest feds around

  • voice of reason

    @ themark what has rey done to you

  • voice of reason

    @ joe right on i couldnt have said it better.

    @ hornswoggler muscles in his shit classic thanks for the laugh

  • Jimbo

    Oh, and he was also implicated in having received steroids from that drug company that got busted in Clearwater, Florida. U mad?

  • Jimbo


    Look at him in WCW and look at him now. No one just puts on that much muscle. It’s also a known fact that steroids break down your body and cause frequent injury. How many times has Rey been injured now?

  • theMark

    @Kamala’s leg: Totally agree!!!
    why can’t Rey jus overdose and get it Over With!!!
    no one cares about that damn SPICK! maybe someone can shove a toothbrush down His throat and end his pathetic life
    I would have wanted Buff Bagwell to end Rey but Buff’s soon to be hanging out with Owen Hart

  • JayHawk

    Wow this how rey wants to end his career well I guess we know who is heading to Tna next

  • Greg

    Good, Rey Mysterio wasn’t good anyways, he was repetitive and mooched off eddie guerros name, i dont care if you hate this, cause its the damn truth. + He sucked at promos, always some sad promo that was NEVER believable.

  • anti-american

    we all over look that fact that with kamala he will never be eliminated from a royal rumble, as rules do state two feet have to touch the ground!!! his my pick for 2013

  • JOE

    @kamala’s leg…… Go eat a Dick!!!! I’m sick and tired of your immature bullshit, and your not even funny.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    batista was definitely on the roids….
    also, if you want to youtube edge when he returned from injury back when he feuded with booker t, he was also built like a brick shithouse..

  • Ant

    @hornswoggler from the chocolate factory…well said but honestly david otunga has ALWAYS had those musclds going way back to when he was on vh1 but i see how u can think that,i would say dave batista looks more on steroids than david otunga does

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    rey HAS bulked up in the past 5 years, but that comes with age… its hard to stay lean when you get at his age. If it was indeed steroids that he got tested positive for this time, it was to speed up his rehab as mentioned above.
    Now if you want to talk steroids, david otunga would come to mind..i bet he has muscles in his shit!!!!!!!

  • kamala’s leg

    Rey must have been the one who banned my foot.

  • Ant

    rey mysterio isnt on roids u fuckin morons he was just smaller back in the days and he started to get fatter and gain weight around 06 that dosent mean hes on steriods i hate when people immediately jump to that conclusion cuz theyre idiots and dont know anything,if thats the case THE UNDERTAKER is on steroids too look how his arms looked when he first made his debut compared to now so ha i just cut a big hole in your logic

  • Gorilla

    Did anyone catch TMZ they showed that suicide rates have nearly doubled in people that watch RAW And evidence shows BIG SHOW,KANE,MARK HENRY,AND KHALI MATCHES FEATURED ON RAW ARE THE CAUSE TO ALL THESE HORRIBLE SELF INFLICTED DEATHS

  • Gorilla

    Does anyone know if new York will host survivor series again?

  • PinkSinCara

    Fire that Mexican and let me have him. I need sod in my yard.

  • chronoxiong

    And you wonder why the WWE won’t bring back it’s Cruiserweight division.

  • kirby4321

    Rey Mysterio will be done soon…

    He went from being a Top Face in WWE… To This! Kinda Sad…

    Well he had his moment’s to shine.. Now time to hang it up and go somewhere else or just retire!

  • Bill

    What a damn shame. Hope he can have one more solid run in the WWE.

  • Robert

    So funny if this was connected to a storyline! Sin Cara v Rey? Sin Cara switches reys urine test with a drugies to dely his time so he can come back without the pressure of another masked wrestler… Just a theory

  • LSC

    Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio need to make this team happen now…And the team can be called “Sky High”

  • W.cares

    We as wrestling fans hope that its just Rey trying to get himself back in the ring again and not taking something more dangerous. At the same time we dont want him doing anything stupid. If he has to go the way of the Undertaker and wrestle once a year just so he has time to heal properly, Ill take that.
    As Nicholas rightly points out, losing Eddie should of been a permanent reminder to not use drugs of ANY form.
    Dont be stupid Rey heal up the right way. We look forward to your return

  • Nicholas

    Rey Mysterio should know better with what happen to Eddie and Chris Benoit. This is very disappointing to me. I don’t blame WWE to me they could just fire the guy an it wouldn’t bother me because Rey just should know better.

  • Logan

    Don’t forget to bring a towel!….Wanna get high?

    Rey, bro no need to take crap that’s gonna get you in trouble so you can get back in the ring faster. Just take your time and heal properly.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Someone’s getting their flying papers pretty soon then.

    He’s constantly injured, it’s his second offence-even if it was to speed up the recovery process, I can’t see Wwe keeping him around much longer…same with Evan Bourne

  • Jimbo

    Roid Mysterio………..

  • kane

    if you believe the reports, he’s been wanting out for a while and management won’t mind seeing him go away. strange timing for a drug test while he’s on pain meds trying to come back from injury. it’s probably best for both parties if he was released and allowed to go make the money in mexico that he feels he can make while he still can make it.

  • Prince

    It’s obvious Rey has juiced before. I’m just saying that this time it was because of his injury. The two times he’s gotten caught were when he was rehabbing injuries. He obviously amps it up to try to recover.

  • Killa

    Rey going to TNA HUH

  • voice of reason

    when did i last see rey wrestle hmmmm i can’t remember

  • Gorilla

    I say joker ………….yes yes yes

  • Gorilla

    Does anyone think if sting came wwe he should debut with his joker character or crow character?

  • Valo487

    Yeah, Rey is at least twice the size he used to be. I’m surprised this has only happened twice frankly, you can just look at him then and now and tell something’s not right.

  • Mark

    shit, not again, wot the hells he thinking??? gives him time to get fully healed I guess

  • scooter

    People who say Reys only ever done steroids for injuries are idiots look at the difference between now and when he was in WCW Rey’s jacked for such a little guy!

  • Whooper

    There’s no way they release Mysterio, the money this guy used to make selling masks is crazy. He’s an easy future hall of famer.

  • Jon

    Best in your future endeavours Rey. I think it. was already before this happen.

  • Bawb

    @ Best in the world

    I just died in part to imagining the the actually guy singing it.

    And that’s just a damn shame. He’s supposed to be a big face of the company and I actually miss seeing him. I forget he’s even still associated with WWE.

  • Gorilla

    He been gone so long does another 60 days matter

  • Prince

    Pretty obvious what happened here. Mysterio juiced up again to try to get back from his injury quicker. Fail numero dos. He’ll end up getting fired in the future for failing again.

  • theMark

    Ultimate Wrestlemania 29 Match:Kamala’s feet vs Buff Bagwell’s neckbrace in a Handicap Match!!!

  • best in the world

    Who’s that jumping out the sky R-E-Y yes he’s high Mysterio here we go

  • theMark

    Guess he was suspended for crashin into Buff’s car!!!

  • Malice

    I was gonna get back in the ring……but then I got high.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Uh oh… this is not how I want to see the end of Mysterio. WWE (Vince) was angry at him for being injured so much and missing Wrestlemania, now he’s got his second strike. The future does not look good, especially with Sin Cara coming back soon.

  • Shawn

    Mysterio, Sin Cara, Evan Bourne….. I guess ‘Cruiserweight’ means something entirely different than it used to.

  • philly655

    Doin roids or banned painkillers tryin to get back to the ring too fast bro… be patient mate..


    I’m kind of curious as to how he violated the wellness policy again. The first suspension was for some medicine he took or something right?