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WWE Suspends R-Truth

WWE announced Tuesday that R-Truth has been suspended for 30 days due to his first violation of their Talent Wellness Program.

Their statement reads: “In accordance with the Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Ron Killings (R-Truth) for 30 days effective immediately for his first violation of the company’s policy.”

This corroborates our report on Sunday about one of the participants in the Survivor Series main event recently violating WWE’s drug testing policy.

In the final segment of Raw, The Miz turned on R-Truth after John Cena pitted the two against each other, leading to his write-off. The show closed with Truth being tended to by medical personnel.

  • venom

    Looks like back to jobber status for R-Truth. It’s a shame he ruined it for himself.

  • KGM Da Master

    WWE is becoming the most hypocritical company in America. R-Truth earned his shot, he fought and embarrassed himself for u fans. To never hold the belt is a shame! For there to never be a true brown american champion is insane. R-Truth u better get that check, or u GOT GOT! Peace, signing off

  • Jon

    Best on your future endeavorsR Truth. Don’t what me.

  • Devil_Rising

    You people have to realize that not every substance that is on their drug policy list is steroids, or hard drugs. Who knows what it was? Who knows what Borne was taking? Sometimes doctors legitimately prescribe things that show up on certain radars. You don’t know the whole story, so wait till you do.

  • sandman

    little jimmy gave him the drugs

  • KitKrock

    i miss ron already 🙁

  • SusyRko

    Wwe Is running out of wrestlers and thats Wasup!

  • The man your man could smell like


  • The mark

    If Meltzer hadn’t have found out about it, Truth wouldn’t have been suspended. You don’t let a story run its course for 3 weeks before you suspend someone, when you’ve already immediately suspended the guy who smoked the stuff at the same time.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    The wellness policy wouldn’t be applied equally if someone like Cena or Orton broke it. They would just slap a fine, maybe not even that or get another superstar to take the fall to keep things hush hush.

  • get rowdy

    He will return as KKWIK with road dogg GET ROWDY

  • Nicholas G

    WWE Test for Steroids just as while as any other drugs. You what I find so hypocritical is TNA marks. They are probably in here now bashing WWE for there Wellness Program saying how WWE are a bunch of junkies. Yet in TNA almost every week somebody is getting busted. Hey at least WWE is taking action when there WWE stars get caught. What does TNA do reward there guys with a TNA world title run. I will take what WWE doing over what TNA is doing. Yeah it is not perfect but nobody is perfect. An at the end of the day it is the wrestler that are making these bad choices. But WWE is helping there guys get off these old drug habits why TNA sits back an does nothing which you think has a better drug program.

  • liam

    THE TRUTH HAS SET ME FREE…. little jimmy must of started the conspiracy, R Truth has gon an got, got! but dont boo him…. you should boo yourselfs.

  • E C DUB

    evan bourne and truth are not helping the attempt in expanding the tag team division like was expected

  • Greg

    What’s funny is this is about spice not steroids or serious drugs. And what’s even funnier is that according to the wellness policy if r-truth and Bourne were smoking weed they’d be fine it’s only a fine when your caught doing that, but bc they were smoking a spice a weed substitute they got suspended. Weird policy

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    New WM match announced—Evan Bourne vs R Truth in a weed on a pole match.

  • KJ

    Ha! WWE and their sneaky crap. It makes me wonder how many other big stars they let off easy.

  • JIR

    I am not mad or upset just a shame to see these people whom are living their dream throw it away for a temporary kick

  • R-Truth

    Yo, aight I gotta say that I enjoyed my heel turnz. I effed up by using the yaya. So chill the frick out, and let me be to deal wit my probs. and to all haters, go suck a coconut butt.

  • Hasan

    CRAPPP !!! Heel R truth is the best thing happened to WWE.

  • Dave

    WWE have said before that on occasion, they have to allow a storyline to finish before someone begins their suspension. So it looks like being an upper mid card star isn’t enough to get you off. Just how high up the pecking order do you have to be before you aren’t in danger anymore?

  • Effmenow

    LOL all the WWE marks getting mad over this.

  • mark

    Your fucking kidding me???? Not another one. WWE seems to be full of drug addicts. YOu just wonder before this policy came into place, how many were taking drugs or steroids????

  • TS93

    I knew it was truth. As much as I hate cena, him and miz love the business too much to fuck up. Truth….not so much

  • Symbiote

    That’s exactly what I was thinking while I was watching it last night.

  • CC

    maybe it will also stop people whining that the policy isnt being applied equally.
    simple fact is there is no way WWE would shoot itself in the foot by suspending someone from what was being hyped as one of the biggest matches in years before the match happens.
    they used Truth for their needs then suspended him .. good business sense.
    while Bourne is tag champ, he wasnt part of a huge angle at the time

  • Evil Doink

    Yup, that explains it.