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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Likely Returning for New WWE Network Show

– A number of people within WWE believe that Brian Kendrick will be returning to the company later this year to be involved in the new Cruiserweights project on the WWE Network.

Kendrick was recently released from TNA after being signed to a series of short-term contracts. Kendrick said on his Facebook page this week that he was released after asking to be let go. Kendrick said he wanted more work but TNA wouldn’t give it to him.

Kendrick told the Lowdown Unlimited show this past week that he has kicked the marijuana habit and is open to working for WWE again.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • JIR

    Kids what did I tell you about feeding the trolls when they show up don’t come bitching to me about it

  • The Dashing One

    @Simon07 dude I told Jason that same arguement about how The Brian Kendrick was a hell of a heel. I personally thought he was so bad ass cause honestly who that he could kick some heavyweights ass but it was interesting to see it!

  • voice of reason

    @ cc lmfao on the jason point

    i wouldnt mind seeing kendrick back as for paul london i wouldnt mind that too but what about billy kidman i don’t know if he’s alive or dead but i wouldnt mind seeing kidman work in the ring again.

  • dogbert


  • Simon07

    ‘The’ Brian Kendrick was an interesting character and could have been good if creative didn’t mess it up. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back.

  • WeAreOne

    Well I’ll be happy if he comes back. Now all WWE needs is to get Paul London back so they have a great team for their tag team division

  • Devil_Rising

    That’s really sad to me though, that great talent like Kendrick will be relegated to, as I’ve mentioned before, a WWE Network exclusive show that few people will get to see, and CW wrestlers like him will NEVER get PPV matches, because it’s a “C” show.

  • CC

    Kendrick says he is open to working with WWE again, yet Jason told us he would never go back there … shows Jason knows jack shit.